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Why Hybrid Cloud is the Top IT Initiative in 2019

Hybrid Cloud is the Top IT Initiative in 2019

The top IT initiatives for 2019 were Cloud or Hybrid Computing (46%), Modernizing Infrastructure (38%), Data Governance (32%), Advanced or Predictive Analytics (25%). IT professions were split on top challenges, with 38% selecting the Skills and Staff Shortage.

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Strategic Transformation via Multi-cloud Innovation

Strategic Transformation via Multi-cloud Innovation

Of the 58% of global enterprises operating in the cloud, two-thirds already operate four-or-more different cloud stacks. If you’re not there yet, you soon will be — and you must treat multicloud as an operational reality, refining your ability to integrate and operate solutions.

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Cloud Infrastructure Services Reached $70 Billion in 2018

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Most cloud providers have now released their earnings data for Q4 2018, Synergy estimates that quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (including IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services) were ~$20 billion, giving a full-year total of ~$70 billion.

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Computing Investment Trends

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Computing Investment Trends

As more enterprise CIOs and CTOs embrace hybrid multi-cloud deployment strategies, business technology vendors and cloud service providers must continue to evolve their go-to-market approach — in recognition of the prevailing IT infrastructure investment trends.

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Knowledge Transfer: The CIO Competitive Edge


How will savvy CIOs and their organizations prepare for the next few years? They’ll invest in attending key IT industry events, and participate in uplifting knowledge transfer activities. Join your peers at Think 2019 in San Francisco.

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How Hybrid IT Will Localize Hyperscale Cloud

How Hybrid IT Will Localize Hyperscale Cloud

In 2019, organizations will make increasing use of hybrid cloud environments to support a range of IT and application requirements. Major cloud providers are responding to the growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions with versions of their public cloud technology designed to be deployed privately, within customers’ data centers.

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Top 10 Infrastructure and Enterprise Cloud Services

Top 10 Infrastructure and Enterprise Cloud Services

The IT services world will be a very different place in a couple of years as boutique firms offering niche skills come into the fore. Not to mention the emergence of crowdsourcing for IT talent. Having really savvy IT leaders who can cobble together crack teams on-tap to solve their IT headaches is already becoming a huge differentiator for many firms.

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