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Cloud Digital Infrastructure: CIO Investment Trends

Cloud Digital Infrastructure Investment Trends

“By 2021, based on lessons learned, over 80% of your competitors will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric digital infrastructure twice as fast as before the pandemic. By 2023, you will depend upon digital infrastructure as the underlying platform for all of your IT and business automation initiatives, everywhere.”

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The Value of ‘Distributed Cloud’ Computing Models

The Value of 'Distributed Cloud' Computing Models

“Distributed cloud, the next generation of cloud computing, retains the advantages of cloud computing while extending the range and use cases for cloud. CIOs can use distributed cloud models to target location-dependent cloud use cases that will be required in the future.”

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Enterprise IT Spending Trends for Cloud and App Modernization

Enterprise IT Spending Trends for Cloud and App Modernization

While less than half of global enterprises surveyed by GlobalData indicated plans to cut cloud and application development IT spending budgets, ops teams will seek more consolidation and automation to achieve a DevOps model.

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Cloud Migration Services Growth will Reach $515.83 Billion

Cloud Migration Services Growth will Reach $515.83 Billion

The cloud migration services market size was valued at $88.46 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $515.83 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.8% from 2020 to 2027. Software development projects are driving the growth of this global market.

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How Edge Computing Fuels Additional Cloud App Growth

How Edge Computing Fuels Additional Cloud App Growth

The future of cloud computing growth is at the edge. IDC predicts that by 2023, over 50 percent of new enterprise IT infrastructure deployed will be at the edge rather than within centralized corporate datacenters — that’s up from less than 10 percent today.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Business Model Innovation

Artificial Intelligence Software  Business Model Innovation

Annual AI software revenue will increase from $10.1 billion worldwide in 2018 to $126 billion in 2025. Hybrid solutions will account for 36% of global annual revenue in 2025, compared with cloud-based AI offerings (20%) and pre-built AI solutions (20%).

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Why Enterprise Edge Computing Demand is Growing

Why Enterprise Edge Computing Demand is Growing

“Public cloud providers will continue to seek edge location partners beyond telecom operators and appear to have plans to colonize the private, on-premises edge, including the ‘far edge’ of 55 billion connected devices that IBM is predicting for 2022.”

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Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue will Reach $100.1 Billion

Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue will Reach $100.1 Billion

As investments in cloud IT infrastructure continue to increase, with some swings up and down in the quarterly intervals, the IT infrastructure industry is approaching the point where spending on cloud IT infrastructure consistently surpasses spending on non-cloud IT infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions: The Very Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: The Very Best of Both Worlds

The reality today is that organizations are distributing application environments across on-premises data centers, public cloud or multiple public clouds, and edge locations. Organizations need solutions for their on-premises locations that deliver cloud-like agility, scale, and operational efficiency.

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Why CIOs Seek Hybrid Cloud Automation Solutions

Why CIOs Seek Hybrid Cloud Automation Solutions

“IT needs the ability to deploy, provision, and manage new services automatically and remotely, with little to no manual interaction. IT needs the automated data center. Better yet, IT needs the automated hybrid cloud, and it needs it now.”

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