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How Blockchain Helps Solve Supply and Demand Issues

How Blockchain Helps Solve Supply and Demand Issues

“Most importantly at this critical juncture of a global pandemic, blockchain technology can provide researchers with a strong and reliable data platform in the form of a shared ledger establishing an autonomous and decentralized peer-to-peer network.”

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Blockchain Design Principles for a Decentralized Future

Blockchain Design Principles for a Decentralized Future

“The world has learned the hard way that bottom-line protections for users need to be considered at the outset of product design, especially when it comes to data. Blockchain’s properties as a foundational technology make these considerations particularly important, given the harm and follow-on effects that can come from potential breaches.”

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Distributed Ledger Innovation: Beyond the Hype


“Another year has rolled on by, and while many things in the blockchain space have changed, a lot remains the same. 2019 saw a continued cooling of indiscriminate funding and a renewed focus on quality over hype.”

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How Industry Collaboration will Scale Blockchain

How Industry Collaboration will Scale Blockchain

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance — an industry organization with nearly 500 members, including FedEx and United Parcel Service Inc.  — is working on developing common standards around the technology.

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Global Blockchain Spending will Reach $12.4 Billion

Global Blockchain Spending will Reach $12.4 Billion

Fintech solutions that incorporate distributed ledger technology continue to gain momentum. Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to reach $2.9 billion in 2019 — that’s an increase of 88.7 percent from the $1.5 billion spent in 2018, according to the latest study by IDC.

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How Blockchain Revenue will Reach $10.6 Billion in 2023

How Blockchain Revenue will Reach $10.6 Billion in 2023

More CIOs and CTOs are looking for digital transformation and smart technology solutions to their line of business leader innovation requirements. Blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies are already making an impact outside of the finance and insurance space from which they emerged.

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Blockchain New Research and Development Trends

Blockchain New Research and Development Trends

Many business leaders have a much better understanding of blockchain technology than just a couple of years ago. There’s been a surge in R&D, both internally and in partnership with third parties, and a recognition that blockchain has the potential to be deployed in a variety of commercial use cases.

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Enterprise Blockchain Revenue to Surpass $20B by 2025

Enterprise Blockchain Revenue to Surpass $20B by 2025

The combination of automation and cryptography produces a variety of enterprise use cases that are attractive to a wide range of industries. This study forecasts that increasing adoption of enterprise blockchain will drive the global market size from $4.6 billion in 2018 to $20.3 billion by 2025.

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Why Blockchain is a C-Suite Strategic Priority

Why Blockchain is a C-Suite Strategic Priority

43 percent of the senior executives worldwide polled in Deloitte’s study said that blockchain is in their company’s “top 5 strategic priorities” and 45% of respondents indicated that they will likely participate in a blockchain consortium.

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Four Types of Blockchain Ledgers Explained

Four Types of Blockchain Ledgers Explained

This two-by-two classification system leads to four possibilities that distinguish the various ledger frameworks. To understand this taxonomy, consider the following two tables, which provide a set of nonfinancial and financial examples. It is worth going through each of the four cases separately.

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