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Transmedia: White River Indie Fest 2015 is Seeking Entries

The White River Indie Festival (WRIF) and Google have partnered to host the 2015 Tell-it-in-Transmedia Film Competition. The competition, which was announced at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival, invites filmmakers to creatively combine two or more distinct digital media platforms to tell their stories.

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Transmedia: the Ultimate Guide for Filmmakers by Indiewire

Filmmakers and artists have been exploring transmedia, or new ways to tell stories in innovative and immersive ways using different platforms and new technology.

As filmmakers experiment with transmedia storytelling, they continue to look to Indiewire for resources on the best practices and tips for creating transmedia projects.

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Online Distribution for Indie Film Producers is Very Problematic

While the App Store has helped Indie game and software developers make billions collectively selling their apps, iTunes hasn’t had the same effect for independent filmmakers.

For all the excitement that people had about the long tail. it’s proven remarkably easy for large rights holders to flood it with their own back-catalogue.

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Transmedia: Jeff Gomez Shares Three Digital Storytelling Rules

Transmedia really in and of itself doesn’t mean all that much. It’s about being able to communicate across various platforms in some kind of meaningful way. Transmedia storytelling means you’re telling stories but you’re using different media in order to get the entire story.

In an ideal world, that transmedia element is something that is going to enhance your experience of the narrative. It’s going to give you new insight and play to the strength of the medium.

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Transmedia: Explore the Fort McMoney Documentary Game

Fort McMoney speaks of the environmental issues behind the oil industry through the language of a collaborative docu-game – an ambitious challenge that the NBF, Arte and Le Monde where happy to take on board.

In this interview David Dufresne tells us more about what pushed him to embrace such a new narrative style, the challenges he had to face during the production and the budget he had at his disposal.

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Transmedia: Storytelling Lessons Learned from Ingrid Kopp

Ingrid Kopp, the Tribeca Film Institute’s Director of Digital Initiatives, recently shared her wisdom garnered over the year’s she has spent in the Transmedia world in a presentation for the X Media Lab conference in Switzerland.

While her initial presentation had ten lessons learned, she’s expanded on the original list with five additional dollops of wisdom.

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The Start-up Accelerator for Indie Filmmaker Entrepreneurs

Dogfish Accelerator, a new program designed to make filmmakers think like entrepreneurs, is modeled on startup boot camps such as TechStars. Eight teams of moviemakers will spend the next three months working on projects that range from feature films to Web video portals.

They’ll get lots of hands-on business coaching, industry connections, $18,000 in seed money, and help raising follow-up investment. In exchange, they give Dogfish 8 percent of their project’s revenue.

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Why Tech can be a Double-Edge Sword in Filmmaking

Spike Lee grabbed the tech spotlight last week by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his next feature film. He has until August 21 to meet his goal of raising $1.25 million.

My concerns are when technology rules the art, instead of the artist ruling and commanding the technology.

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How Kickstarter is Changing the Movie Financing Business

sundance film festival

It is Sundance time in America. And what that means it is time to stand up and take note of Kickstarter for the role it is playing in the development of an independent creative movement.

In the film and video category alone, New York-based Kickstarter’s impact is notable.

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The Upside Market Potential for Internet Usage in India

Upside Market Potential for Internet Usage in India

According to eMarketer’s assessment, India is already undergoing a full-fledged digital transformation, but substantial obstacles to continued growth still remain in the market.

Right now the country can best be described as a place of vast future upside potential.

Internet penetration in India remains quite low to date — at just under 9 percent of the population — but it actually trails only the U.S. and China, in terms of the total number of internet users.

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