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Why B2B Influencer Marketing is So Effective for Tech Vendors

B2B IT Influencer Marketing

Business-to-business decision-makers are clear on who they trust, and who influences them, when thinking about what to buy for their firms. Word-of-mouth is a key driver, with business people looking to friends in the industry and other third-party experts ahead of traditional or digital marketing resources.

Source: eMarketer

Digital Media – Don’t be Shallow, Focus and Engage Deeply

There’s a shift afoot in digital media, one that is reshaping approaches to content publishing, advertising and e-commerce. It’s a shift away from chasing traffic in bulk, towards a more subtle measure of an audience.

It is about the quality of a user’s visit – the time spent on a site, the depth of engagement. It is the rise of Attention Minutes.

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How the Digital Taste-Makers Influence Big Media Trends


There’s a key segment of the global online population that has an insatiable appetite for digital media — they influence others: whether it be text, audio, video or gaming consumption. They are the recognized digital content taste-makers at the center of their social circle. They’re often the first to adopt new digital gadgets.

Digital Omnivores — those people who own media tablets, smartphones and notebook PCs — continue to grow, driven by increased device adoption.

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How Marketers apply Influencer Engagement to Launch Products

Influencer marketing is proving to be a beneficial relationship for both the marketers doing it and the influencers who participate.

Marketing professionals polled worldwide were most likely to collaborate with influencers when launching products or distributing content, cited by 76% and 57% of respondents, respectively.

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Transmedia: the Evolution of B2B Inbound Digital Marketing

Content-based forms of marketing tend to focus on blogging, infographics, and other content pieces that enable sharing expertise. This strategy has become especially powerful because the Internet has really opened up the realm of B2B marketing.

The key, though, is to be experimental. To me, this means beginning to employ methods of transmedia storytelling.

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Why B2B Big Brand Messaging Doesn’t Engage Customers

Although the digital marketing revolution’s earliest impact may have come in the consumer arena, it’s also roiling the world of business-to-business (B2B) brand building. Customers engage with companies online, so its a good tool for delivering B2B brand messages and amplifying their impact.

But McKinsey research suggests a marked apparent divergence between the core messages companies communicate about their brands and the characteristics their customers value most.

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Why Most Brand Advertisers Still Don’t Get Genuine Advocacy

Seth's Blog: Is Google jumping the shark?

Advertisers often seem to want pitchmen spraying perfume at every person who walks into the store, inserts stuffed into every periodical, pop up ads, complete data on every individual they target and the ability to spam at will.

Great media companies fight back on all of these intrusions, because they know that what actually works is genuine connection built around remarkable products and services.

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How B2B Digital Marketers Fill the Sales Funnel

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are enamored with social media. They tell stories of introducing new products via social, saving money when questions are answered by followers, and earning credibility when influencers tout their brand.

While search engine optimization (SEO) and email still bring plenty of prospects to the door, social media entices them to enter a dialogue, pick up some information of value and step into the sales funnel.

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Why TV Channel Disruption Really Doesn’t Matter Anymore

If a tree falls in the forest and no one … yes, well, long debate. But when a broadcast network disappears from the televisions of millions of cable subscribers—is there much difference?

CBS and Showtime have not been available on Time Warner Cable systems for about 3 million customers — but few people actually seem to care. Broadcast TV isn’t a mass-media in today’s highly fragmented entertainment landscape.

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How Every Trusted Person Can Influence Others Online


With the “like” and “share” symbols in front of us at every click and with the ability to comment or start a flow of conversation as easy as flipping a light switch, it’s not surprising that just over eight in ten of us share some part of our lives online.

Every age demographic, from those younger than 35 (87%) to those older than 50 (72%), shares something, according to Ipsos.

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