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Why Public Utilities Invest in Cybersecurity Solutions

Why Public Utilities Invest in Cybersecurity Solutions

The new infrastructure can expand the number of threat vectors, rendering smart utilities vulnerable to cyber attacks. Maintaining resilient electrical power generation and transmission — as well as water distribution and treatment — are key to protecting the public utility environment.

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Telecom Providers Adopt Software-Defined Infrastructure

Telecom Providers Adopt Software-Defined Infrastructure

Within the telecom sector, the ongoing shift to software-defined infrastructure — where IT workloads run virtualized or containerized on industry-standard hardware and software platforms — is happening at an unprecedented pace.

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Cloud Native Tech Use Has Grown Over 200 Percent

Cloud Native Tech Use Has Grown Over 200 Percent

The top three benefits of cloud-native technology are faster deployment time, improved scalability, and cloud portability. Moreover, forty percentĀ of survey respondents from enterprise companies (5000+) are running Kubernetes in production.

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Why IT Infrastructure Investment Will Increase in 2019

Why IT Infrastructure Investment will Increase in 2019

Over half of the survey respondents said that their organization would dedicate more funding to IT. Security is a major corporate focus, according to 63% of respondents. Other areas of 2019 IT budget prioritization include cloud services, with 48% ranking it as a priority; and internal employee training, with 44% ranking it as a priority.

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Quantum Computing Services will Reach $15 Billion in 2028


For decades, Moore’s Law has been driving the advancement of traditional computing systems development, leading to the proliferation of smart devices at the edge and centralized cloud computing. However, we’re now reaching the limits of legacy computing technology, and the search for another high-performance computing platform has begun. Quantum computing is the next-generation.

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Why it’s Time to Rethink Your Data Infrastructure

Why it's Time to Rethink Your Data Infrastructure

More CIOs and CTOs are focused on enabling and supporting automated IT management, data movement and the placement of data across clouds and on-premises. They enable that solution by eliminating IT silos, breaking down barriers, and supporting a multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Cloud Drive IT Growth

Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Cloud Drive IT Growth

More than 90% of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) customers surveyed are leveraging or will leverage HCI for cloud: 54% are leveraging HCI for hybrid cloud, 30% are leveraging HCI for private cloud, and 8% are not currently leveraging HCI for cloud but intend to do so in the future.

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