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How Digital Transformation will Advance China’s Economy

china digital economy market research

The global networked economy thrives on new ideas and innovation. Across the globe, more nations are making technology-centered strategies the focal point of their economic development. Amid ongoing digital transformation, the world is entering the era of the digital economy, a trend that is very evident in China.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How The Netherlands Invents the Future of Transportation

future transportation

“All over the world, the way people get around is changing quickly. However, it’s possible that there’s no greater hub for developing the future of transportation technology than the Netherlands.”

Source: Futurism

Western European IT Spending will Reach $453.8 Billion

Europe IT market research

Savvy technology vendors know the trend, CIOs and CTOs are laser focused on digital transformation projects that will fuel enterprise growth, enabled by new online business models and other strategic imperatives. That said, IT infrastructure investment within many markets is still relatively flat.

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Global IT Spending will Reach $3.7 Trillion in 2018

global information technology market research

The ongoing momentum for progressive digital transformation projects continue to fuel IT infrastructure investments across the globe. Open innovation, that will be enabled by emerging business technologies, is the commercial catalyst that can drive a strategic competitive advantage.

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Software-Defined Storage Revenue will Reach $16.2 Billion

As more CIOs and CTOs prepare for the data deluge that’s driving demand for enterprise storage solutions, savvy IT infrastructure vendors are already offering next-generation systems that meet the evolving requirements of their customer’s digital transformation projects.

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Architecting for Disruption – a digital change manifesto

“Today, it’s time to rethink business, technology and data to build a platform for the future of your business. At a fundamental level, you need to be prepared to select a hybrid IT solution – combining on-premises and off-premises services — that achieve these key goals and objectives.”

Source: In the Making

Embracing Hybrid IT: Complexity and the Skills Gap

Hybrid IT skills market research

“With 92 percent of survey respondents having implemented Hybrid IT services in the past year, it’s clear that IT organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of this approach.”

Source: BCW