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Venture Capital Investment is Growing Fast in China and India

venture capital investments china india

“Taken together, China and India now account for a quarter of the venture-capital market. In Europe, Germany has for the first time surpassed the United Kingdom, signalling a growing start-up scene in cities such as Berlin.”

via World Economic Forum

More Marketers Explore the ‘Mobile Moments’ Phenomena

Mobile channel marketing

Mobile has fundamentally transformed behavior and expectations. We don’t “go online” anymore — we live online. We act on our needs in micro-moments. This shift in behavior affects mobile marketing strategies, and how organizations think about their marketing investment.

via Think with Google

Digital Business Transformation Applies Deep Domain Wisdom

Digital Business Transformation

One of the key facets of any Digital Business transformation effort today is ensuring that your partner is equipped to handle the increasing myriad of new technologies, all of which must be woven into seamless products, applications, and services.

via Lens360

Legacy European Regulations Inhibit their Tech Economy

European digital technology

The U.S. tech companies under fire in Europe argue that the EU’s regulatory framework actually works against the creation of international digital champions by forcing them to comply with Byzantine rules and regulations across each of the 28 member states.

via FT.com

Software will be 80% of the $11.6 Billion NFV Revenue in 2019

Revenue from outsourced services for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) projects is projected to grow at a 71 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2019. Software is always a much larger investment than the server, storage and switch hardware, representing about $4 of every $5 spent on NFV.

via IHS

U.S. Smartphone Market is Now Ready for a Huge Disruption

U.S. Smartphone Disruption

Historically, the competition within the mobile handset marketplace has been unrelenting. Prior success was never a guarantee of future prospects — just consider the rise and fall of Motorola, Nokia and BlackBerry. The ongoing battles in the American smartphone arena were indicative of this trend.

via Digital Lifescapes

Research Finds the Time is Now for Telco NFV Deployments


Telecom network operators have launched their Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) initiatives to overcome the limitations of traditional network architecture. NFV is explicitly designed to reduce cost, and increase network scalability and agility.

via ACG Research


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