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Agile Marketing: B2B Commercial Storytelling, Just-in-Time

B2B Agile Marketing market research

Agile marketing is one approach that is factoring more prominently into the process at savvy brands and agencies. It is an iterative approach to planning and executing digital marketing activities derived from the frequently used Agile software development methodology.

Source: eMarketer

Exploring the Global Digital Media Readiness Framework

global digital media market research

The Digital Media Readiness Framework has identified 23 main indicators that can measure the level of adoption and usage in the media industries of digital content, products and services. But not all indicators carry the same importance, impact and weight in determining the health of media, entertainment and information industries.

Source: World Economic Forum

Every Organization will Appoint a Corporate Digital Champion

digital transformation leader market research

IDC has predicted that by 2017, 60% of companies with a Digital Transformation strategy will deem it too important for any one functional area and create an independent corporate executive position to oversee the implementation across the entire organization.

Source: IDC

Business Case for Hybrid Cloud Services Adoption in 2016

hybrid cloud computing market research

The savvy leaders who have a superior approach can extract greater value from their legacy IT investments, and launch new initiatives based upon public and private cloud computing services. This is the new normal — CIOs must create the optimal blended environment for purposeful technology-enabled innovation.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

Globalization is Now Driven by Digital Transformation

digital transformation market research

Digitization has transformed everything: the nature of the goods changing hands, the universe of potential suppliers and customers, the method of delivery, and the capital and scale required. Globalization is no longer exclusively the domain of Fortune 500 firms.

Source: World Economic Forum

Telcos Reconsider Public Cloud Services Market Development


Despite service providers generating over $4.5 billion in public cloud revenue in 2015, the segment is still dominated by incumbents, particularly AWS and Google, as pricing competition makes pure public cloud unprofitable without the hyperscale.

Source: TBR

Blockchain will Transform the Global Networked Economy


The blockchain is a breakthrough in computer technology that allows parties to carry out financial (and other) transactions directly between themselves without the use of a trusted intermediary. In essence, it is a way for people to share reliable and self-updating lists.

Source: World Economic Forum


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