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The Multifaceted Approach to Superior Digital Transformation

digital business revolution

MIT has segmented companies into levels of digital transformation maturity — those that have digitally transformed, those that have not, and those that fall somewhere in between. The companies that have digitally transformed have invested well in both technology enabled initiatives and leadership capabilities.

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How Self-Adapting Teams Adopt Digital Transformation Tech

Digital Transformation Technologies

By 2018, one third of the top twenty market-share leaders in most industries will be significantly impacted by new competitors — and “reinvented” incumbents — that proactively apply digital technologies to create new services and associated business models.

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Why Every Digital Ecosystem must Compete for Tech Talent

Tech Ecosystem

“As I think about the necessary components for a tech ecosystem to thrive, I see it as a set of interlinked and interdependent building blocks. The basic and required base is a healthy supply and access to technical talent. If “software is eating the world” you need founders and team members who can build said software.”

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Create a Unique Business Model that’s Attuned to the Digital Era

Only 16% of organizations are leveraging digital technologies to develop new business models. Most organizations follow traditional approaches to innovation that focus on new products and services, rather than on business models.

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Agile IT – Why it’s Such a Big Challenge for Most CIOs

Strategic priorities for IT

Business executives want growth and innovation, but enterprises have to contend with legacy IT infrastructure and applications, and suffer from a lack of digital business and technology skills, at a time when budgets are up only slightly.

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Why is B2B Marketing Innovation Still a Pathetic Oxymoron?

Demands for a solid customer experience as well as new products and competition are forcing B2B marketers to master the art of innovation. While they acknowledge the need to innovate, roadblocks abound — and they’re mostly centered around close-mindedness.

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How to Reach Digital Business Goals with IT-as-a-Service

The ability of CIOs and their  IT organizations to grasp how business wants cloud computing services that serve actual business needs — not traditional IT components — is significantly altering the ways in which service management is achieving success.

via Business Technology Roundtable


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