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Exploring the Next Generation Digital Banking Platforms

digital banking market research

The banking industry is being disrupted by new agile, digital-savvy competition. Traditional banks must now increase their efficiency and reduce costs, all while preparing to delivering next-generation digital services, according to Gartner.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Line of Business and IT Leaders are Still at Odds

Digital transformation IT market research

For the fourth survey in a row, the results indicate sizable gaps in how business and IT respondents view priorities for the IT function. 44 percent of those in IT say that cutting costs is one of their organizations’ current priorities. Business executives ranked cost cutting last, with only 16 percent citing it as one of their companies’ priorities for IT.

Source: McKinsey & Company

How Industry 4.0 Strategies Deliver Benefits to the Pioneers

Industry 4.0 market research

First movers say they have invested 6 percent or more of their revenues since 2013 in Industry 4.0 efforts, and also claim high levels of digitization and competitive advantage. They appear to be finding rapid payoffs in efficiency, cost savings, and opportunities for innovation.

Source: Strategy + Business

Driving Digital Transformation: Savvy CEOs Share Their Secrets

digital transformation market research

At a time when more and more industries are disrupted by digital newcomers, the use of technology to fundamentally improve performance or extend the reach of enterprises will increasingly be the marker by which CEOs will be measured.

Source: Chief Executive

Can Cognitive Science Improve Banal Online Advertising?

cognitive science AI market research

Cognitive computing and AI will be the next big technology to shape advertising, potentially able to predict how people think and what we want before we know it ourselves — establishing an emotional connection between humans and intelligent machines.

Source: World Economic Forum

How the Sharing Economy will Gain New Momentum

sharing economy market research

Airbnb did it to the hospitality industry. Then, Uber did it to taxi services. Now driverless cars are going to totally disrupt the whole automotive industry, propelling car sharing services forward as the ultimate, mainstream transportation mode.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

More CEOs Discover Strategic Value in Marketing Techology

marketing technology market research

CEOs today are anxious to harness the power of digital platforms and the data they generate to stay competitive and drive future growth. As a result, marketers that have embraced a data- and tech-driven approach are being tasked to spearhead digital initiatives that cut across the organization.

Source: eMarketer


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