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Why Cloud Computing Adoption is Still Driven by Lower TCO

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Today, 72% of organizations have a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. And, as 56% of technology decision-makers are still investigating where cloud use can be leveraged, it is important to understand usage plans across various cloud service models and business drivers.

Source: IDG

Digital Marketing Superheroes are the Catalyst for Change

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The most successful CMOs will be progressive, forward-thinking catalysts of organizational change. They must be fully cognizant of what it really means to be a digital marketing practitioner. They will lead by example. They will also protect the few change-agents from the gang of legacy organization antibodies that will try to undermine and eliminate any plan to disrupt the traditional marketing status-quo.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How Crowdfunding will Ignite Tech Start-Up Growth in 2016

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Are you ready for the next wave of technology innovations to create opportunities in the new year, or are you concerned about the potential for a digital disruption to upset your current business model? Who knows what the future will bring? Industry analysts, that’s who.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Cloud Technology Gained Executive Mind-Share in 2015

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Of all the emerging business technologies, 63% of survey respondents believe cloud computing services will be particularly important in the near term. While enterprise mobility solutions (61%) and the Internet of Things (57%) were also significant, cloud technology was top-of-mind for executives.

Source: eMarketer

How Cloud-Enabled Innovation will Empower and Disrupt

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Today, CEOs in all industries and geographies recognize that in 2016 they’ll have an important choice to make — regarding the development of a cohesive digital business transformation agenda — either be empowered by superior cloud-enabled innovations, or risk being disrupted by more progressive market leaders.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

Digital Darwinism – Who Will Prosper from this Disruption?


Take a look at the turnover rate of the Fortune 1000 over the last 40 years, starting from 1973. By 1983, about one-third of these companies had fallen off the list. By 2013, 70% of the companies were replaced by new ones. This pace of change will continue to increase: only a third of today’s major corporations are expected to survive the next 25 years.

Source: World Economic Forum

Marketing 2020: Digital Reality Creates Huge Skills Gap

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Constant innovation relies upon a broad range of digital marketing skills. But these skills are in high demand and short supply – and there’s concern that matters may be getting worse. “A digital skills shortage is a big concern for many employers.”

Source: Guardian


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