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Why Line of Business Leaders Bypass IT Organizations

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“Many CIOs say that talent is a priority, but rank people/workforce as one of their most disliked tasks. However, the ability to anticipate and orchestrate skills and expertise could become a way to characterize CIO success in the future.”

Source: Gartner

Why Digital CIOs Build a Network of Savvy Collaborators 

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The digital CIO is one of the most demanding roles in business. They need to understand both technology and people. The most successful CIOs are embracing change rather than resisting it. But there is support available, from peers, from suppliers and from partners.

Source: World Economic Forum

Digital Marketing Practitioners and Other Talent Unicorns

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The ‘Marketing Organizational Design and Strategy’ survey found that more than 40% of marketers plan to increase their use of agencies three to five years out. Why? The perception that agencies deliver superior quality or performance than in-house staff.

Source: Gartner

Digital Marketing: the Laggards Struggle to Embrace Change

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As a variety of research demonstrates, many marketing organizations still struggle with challenges like adapting company culture for digital technology, and figuring out who should spearhead implementation efforts. Outsourcing strategy and execution to smaller Ad agencies isn’t progress.

Source: eMarketer

Coexistence: Adopting an Optimal IT Infrastructure Model

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In previous global market studies, senior executive decision makers have stated that they are likely to always have a blend of traditional on-premises IT and cloud-based services. Cloud computing has enabled organizations to increase their overall utilization of existing IT assets.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

Huge Challenge to Staff Today’s Progressive Marketing Team

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In a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, U.S. companies want their key marketing personnel to remain both informed and nimble. According to new research, almost seven in 10 feel the drive to innovate will impact their staffing decisions over the next two years.

Source: eMarketer

Digital Transformation is Now Pervasive Across the Globe

At its basic level, Digital Transformation requires a) the innovative application of technology to b) improve something that ultimately c) drives value. These three components are interlocking, as a set of gears in a well-oiled machine — utilizing eight proven business principles.

Source: No Jitter