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How to Refocus Enterprise IT on Value Creation

How to Refocus Enterprise IT on Value Creation

“With just 10 percent of IT allocated to generating new business value, incumbents are not battle ready when it comes to contending with nimble tech players. As any investor would tell you, place your resource bets where you believe there is value.”

via McKinsey

Exploring Government Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Government Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

From transportation solutions to video-streaming applications, artificial intelligence (AI) permeates almost every aspect of our lives. This includes government, where AI is increasingly making an impact. Consider these public-sector examples.

via World Economic Forum

Ranking: The 10 Best Startup Cities in America

Ranking: The 10 Best Startup Cities in America

San Francisco reclaims its spot at the top thanks to its renowned startup ecosystem. While the Bay Area has long been known for cultivating unicorns — Airbnb, Stripe, and Uber were all founded there — it’s also home to new, flourishing startups.”

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How Customer Experience Skill Drives Digital Business

How Customer Experience Skill Drives Digital Business

Three-quarters of the organizations surveyed by Gartner increased customer experience (CX) technology investments in 2018. Customer analytics continues to be one of the biggest investments, with 52 percent intending to increase funding in 2019, focusing on customer journey analysis, customer needs analysis, voice of the customer (VoC) and digital marketing.

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Globalization: Learn How to Adapt via Data Science

Globalization: Learn How to Adapt via Data Science

The rise of technology is introducing opportunities and obstacles for global and domestic companies alike. Five years ago the free flow of data contributed $2.8 trillion to the global economy, a figure that could reach $11 trillion by 2025.

via World Economic Forum

Why Digital Transformation Challenges the IT Status Quo

Why Digital Transformation Challenges the IT Status Quo

“Bain research has found that only 12% of all corporate transformations achieve their targets, and, while we are in the early days with many stories still being written, digital transformations appear even harder.”

via Bain & Company

Why Cloud-Never Enterprise Apps Modernization Matters

Why Cloud-Never Enterprise Apps Modernization Matters

“Of course, even with all the training and tools in the world, not all of the remaining 80% of traditional legacy enterprise applications will move to the cloud. For many good reasons, including regulatory, security concerns, and unclear ROI (return on investment), certain applications simply won’t become cloud native anytime soon (or ever).”

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