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WEF Strategic Intelligence: Source of Economic Insights


The World Economic Forum launched ‘Strategic Intelligence’, its flagship digital product to help individuals and organizations see the big picture on the global issues facing the world. It provides a tremendous resource for exploring the interconnections between over 250 different topics.

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Business Transformation: Leader Skills to Drive Growth

Business Transformation: Leader Skills to Drive Growth

Becoming a more effective leader means not only expanding one’s current leadership approach to incorporate new behaviors but knowing when to focus more on one side of the tension or the other. This requires both contextual awareness and emotional intelligence — sourced directly from the leader or from the surrounding social environment.

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Transmedia: U.S. Intelligence Adopts Alternate-Reality Games

The intelligence community’s blue-sky researchers, the Intelligence Advanced Research Agency (IARPA), announced they’re seeking designers for alternate-reality games, or ARGs.

Alternate reality games emerged in the last decade as a form of transmedia storytelling, or the practice of using multiple forms of media — particularly the internet — to craft a narrative structure.

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