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Digital Money Transfer will Reach $525 Billion by 2024

Digital Money Transfer will Reach $525 Billion by 2024

Mobile and online (digital) money transfer offerings will continue to transform the market. New technologies, such as blockchain, will further accelerate the trend.

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Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, B2B transactions processed by pureplay digital payment operators will reach $14 trillion by 2023 — that’s up from $6.7 trillion in 2018.

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International Mobile Roaming Adapts to Policy Changes

International Mobile Roaming Adapts to Policy Changes

According to Juniper Research, mobile network operator revenues from international mobile roaming are expected to recover slightly, following a decline in 2017 after the introduction of RLAH (Roam Like at Home) in Europe and other markets.

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How Blockchain will Transform Banking and Online Payments

Two billion people worldwide lack access to a financial transaction account. Studies have shown that having a basic bank account automatically raises standards of living: people save more, they can borrow for education, start a business or buy property.

Source: World Economic Forum

How to Reboot Globalization with Social Technologies

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Today, we have a proxy-based system where a person is represented in the U.N. via her nation-state. That has to change. Here, the international institutions need to learn from Facebook, WeChat, and Twitter to deploy technology and connect directly to the people.

Source: World Economic Forum

International TV Trends: Rising Adoption of SVOD Content

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More than 8,500 new TV and SVOD program concepts were launched in 2015 in the 44 countries. More than half of these new programs are original and local creations. Series spearhead the new programming figures (40% ) followed by factual programs – magazines, documentaries (37%), and entertainment programs (23%).

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide

Upside Opportunities for Online Digital Payment Innovation

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In an age when everything is in real-time and on demand, payments can still take days, where an international transaction can easily take longer than sending a package. It’s not just about speed but also cost. It doesn’t make economic sense to send $100 from the U.S. to Europe because of high fees.

Source: World Economic Forum

How Emerging Markets Fuel International Phone Call Growth

International phone call traffic is projected to reach 569 billion minutes in 2014. While growth has slowed during 2014, international call traffic has quadrupled since 2000, driven by a fundamental shift in international calling patterns.

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Unworldly – the Decline of Real International News Reporting

The U.S. news machine, confused about its mandate, has faltered. Big stories are often missed. Huge swaths of the world are forgotten or shrouded in myth.

The news both creates these myths and dispels them, in a pretense of providing us with truth.

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Mobile Leads the Outlook for Global Telecom Services Growth

According to IDATE, global telecom services revenue will increase from €1,186 billion in 2013 to €1,341 billion in 2018 — representing an average annual growth of 2.5 percent.

Revenue from mobile services will grow by 17% between 2013 and 2018 +3% a year on average, reaching €826 billion in 2018.