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Mobile Application Management Gains Momentum in 2019

Mobile Application Management Gains Momentum in 2019

According to a new forecast from GlobalData, the market for EMM software reached $13.3 billion in 2019, a year in which mobile application management caught up to mobile device management in terms of revenues.

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Enterprise Blockchain: The 4 Critical Considerations

Enterprise Blockchain: The 4 Critical Considerations

Digital assets and blockchain solutions are revolutionizing business operations across industries. As your enterprise shifts from proof-of-concept to production-grade implementation, leaders will seek technological solutions that include advanced security and scalability.

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Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

“The nebulous realm of political advertising, issue advertising and microtargeting on digital platforms has sparked outrage and debate among industry leaders, political campaigners and citizens as to what needs to change in order to combat disinformation.”

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How Digital Commerce Spending will Reach $18.7 Trillion

How Digital Commerce Spending will Reach $18.7 Trillion

According to Juniper Research, global spending on digital commerce will reach $18.7 trillion by 2024 — that’s up from $11.2 trillion in 2019; an increase of 66 percent over the 5-year forecast period.

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How Flexible Working Can Improve Productivity

How Flexible Working Can Improve Productivity

Recent research mapping the various combinations of flexible work found over 300 possible ways in which jobs could be organized flexibly. This includes job shares, compressed hours, term-time working, flexi-hours and tapered working.

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Digital Transformation Spending will Reach $2.3 Trillion

Digital Transformation Spending will Reach $2.3 Trillion

Digital transformation is a strategic priority for many organizations. It involves managing the legacy IT environment while building a new infrastructure to enable digital growth. Savvy CIOs and CTOs will adopt intelligent platforms that enhance their internal business processes and improve external stakeholder engagement.

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Connected TV Advertising Gains Momentum in U.S. Market

Connected TV Advertising Gains Momentum in U.S.

U.S. advertisers will spend almost $7 billion this year on connected TV ads. Connected TV is growing rapidly as advertisers look to target audiences watching long-form, premium digital content on their living room screens.

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