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Worldwide IT and Telecom Spend will Reach $4 Trillion

Worldwide IT and Telecom Spend will Reach $4 Trillion

Worldwide spending on traditional hardware, software, services, and telecommunications is on course for growth of 3.7% this year in constant currency – that’s slightly down from last year’s 4.2% growth, and will reach $4 trillion in 2018, according to the latest findings from IDC.

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Why Asia-Pacific Leads Internet Growth in 2018

Why Asia-Pacific Leads Internet Growth in 2018

A majority of the growth in internet user numbers will take place in Asia-Pacific in 2018. Of the 182.2 million new internet users worldwide this year, we forecast that 42.4 million will reside in China and 54.2 million in India.

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Why CFOs Reject the Typical CMO Vanity Metrics

Why CFOs Reject the Typical CMO Vanity Metrics

In a survey of 50 CFOs in the U.S., respondents said one of their biggest concerns about their marketing organization is that CMOs measure in ‘vanity metrics’. The surveyed CFOs concluded that many data points digital marketers use (views, clicks) don’t matter to their ultimate goals.

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IoT and Blockchain Transform Global Cargo Industry

IoT and Blockchain will Transform Global Cargo Industry

Berg Insight released the findings from their latest global market study. The number of active tracking devices deployed for cargo loading units — including trailers, intermodal containers, rail freight wagons, air cargo containers, cargo boxes and pallets — reached 3.7 million worldwide in 2017.

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Financing a Forward-Looking Internet for All

Financing a Forward-Looking Internet for All

If we bring more players into the ICT investment space, we can start to socialize the costs of investments to better reflect the disbursement of returns. This should significantly increase ICT infrastructure development. But it starts with thinking about the internet differently.

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Blockchain: What Marketers Need to Know Now

Blockchain: What Marketers Need to Know Now

“Most interest in blockchain applications for digital advertising centers around bringing transparency to the programmatic ecosystem, which has been blasted in recent years as a murky black box plagued by fraud and shady players,” said Nicole Perrin, senior analyst at eMarketer.

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Cybersecurity Solution Spending will Reach $134 Billion

Cybersecurity Solution Spending will Reach $134 Billion

The online security market is expanding globally, and for good reason. The dramatic increase in connected devices has created a huge attack surface for cyber criminals. Whether their motive is mischief, or theft, the impacts can be far-reaching and very costly.

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