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Digital Advertising Fraud Drives Shift to Brand Journalism

online advertising fraud market research

Costing an estimated $18.5 billion (£12.7) annually — with reportedly more than 50% of display campaigns tracked in the ad exchange never being seen by a single human being — online ad fraud is a huge problem for the industry, and not one that’s going to disappear on its own.

Source: The Guardian

Transmedia: How Journalists can Adopt Virtual Reality Tools

New storytelling platform — virtual reality — popular at ISOJ | Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

To tell the stories of family farmers in Iowa, Gannett created a 3D environment using a video game engine so that readers could walk around a 100-year-old farm. At certain points in the farm, readers can watch 360-degree videos that elaborate on the journalist’s reporting.

via Knight Center

How Virtual Reality is Going to Transform News Reporting

How Vice News Uses Virtual Reality

Long the purview of the gaming world, Virtual Reality represents a new frontier for journalism. News reports for years have borne witness to the events shaping the world. Now, directors and reporters are experimenting with virtual-reality technologies to essentially transport people into those events.

via NYTimes

Transmedia: One Approach to Leading Interactive Expeditions

A storytelling toy by Eric Cade Schoenborn to give some insight as to the process to create interactive storytelling projects at the Knight Foundation. As with any expedition, you need a guide.

via Knight Foundation

Transmedia: The Economist New ‘Essays’ Immersive Storytelling

The Economist has launched a new digital-first series called Essays, adopting an immersive storytelling style to deliver content outside the “constraints of print”.

The series, which started with Democracy, was “an opportunity to start doing things in a different way,” said Tom Standage, digital editor.

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Firestorm: an Interactive Story about the Bushfire at Dunalley

Firestorm: The story of the bushfire at Dunalley | World news | The Guardian

Firestorm, the Guardian’s second foray into interactive documentary, is a beautifully crafted piece of immersive digital storytelling.

Centered on The Holmes Family fleeing a Tasmanian bushfire, the project crafts photographs, text and a soundtrack into a linear structure.

via The Guardian

How Investigative Journalism Became a Charity in America

If you suspect your local town government is corrupt, would you pay a journalist to investigate? Uncoverage will test whether the public “cares enough” about investigative journalism to pay for it.

Seriously, what’s next in America? If you want a professional (meaningful) world news show on TV, will you make a donation to fund the whole truth?

via NYTimes