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The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

“Our experience working within hundreds of C-suites and boardrooms around the world has shown us that traditional approaches to senior leader assessment and development often fall short for two distinct reasons.”

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Is the Right Group Leading Your Digital Initiatives?

Is the Right Group Leading Your Digital Initiatives?

As organizations mature, they are less likely to report that IT leads this digital progress; 23 percent of respondents at early-stage companies name IT as the primary leader of digitalization efforts, versus 16 percent at maturing companies.

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How Transformation-Ready Leaders Learn and Grow

How Transformation-Ready Leaders Learn and Grow

If you want to weather disruption with greater resilience, you can increase your transformation readiness with more dynamic learning. It won’t cost you anything beyond a little time and focus, but you have to actively look for these opportunities to learn and grow.

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Digital Champions: Why Asia-Pacific Gained More Leaders

Digital Champions: Why Asia-Pacific Gained More Leaders

The interlinked platforms that make up Industry 4.0 represent a new kind of challenge for manufacturers and other technology-intensive companies. With four key business ecosystems, they can make this new world their own.

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Majority of CIOs Struggle with Digital Transformation

Why CIOs Struggle with Digital Transformation

CIOs participating in our study revealed their companies were unprepared, under-funded and under-supported as to the tools, investment and commitment required to succeed. The digital transformation journey requires far more resources, support, commitment and investment.

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Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

In a continually changing competitive environment, leaders constantly face new challenges and must adapt both the organization and their leadership style to this new environment. Successfully meeting these challenges requires new skills and capabilities that leaders have not needed in the past.

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Digital Marketing Conference 2018: Seven Key Takeaways

Digital Marketing Conference 2018: 7 Key Takeaways

Eighty-one percent of marketing leaders responsible for customer experience (CX) say their companies will mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX in two years. Yet only 22% say their CX efforts have exceeded customer expectations. Reality needs to catch up to aspiration if companies are to realize a customer-centric future.

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