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4 Proven Digital Business Leadership Traits

4 Proven Digital Business Leadership Traits

“It takes more than an understanding of technology to be a digital hero in a fourth industrial revolution (4IR) global environment. Organizations will need leaders with technological smarts and the skills to drive transformation.”

via World Economic Forum

Artificial Intelligence will Drive Growth and Productivity

Artificial Intelligence will Drive Growth and Productivity

Business leaders are enthusiastic about AI’s potential to make their organizations more efficient – 90% of global senior executives surveyed in 2018 said they expected AI to positively impact growth, and 86% of respondents said that it would impact productivity.

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How Savvy CEOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

How Savvy CEOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

Most business leaders understand the need to change, but making it happen is easier said than done. In our experience, those leaders who are most successful at driving growth in their organizations are deliberate and disciplined in the way they do it.”

via McKinsey

CEO Talent Development for the Future Digital Economy


What do ‘CEO Academy’ companies do that enables them to develop such a strong pipeline of future leaders? First, they understand ‘The Value of People’; second, they look ‘Outside and Inside’ for advice and best practices; and third, they maintain a strong ‘Focus on the Future’.

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Real IT Innovation Requires Meaning and Substance

Real IT Innovation Requires Meaning and Substance

Business technology innovation; meaning and substance matters. Even CIOs, some of buzzword-dom’s biggest practitioners, agree. CIO Journal talked with various IT chiefs about the words and phrases they want to see disrupted in 2019.

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Digital Talent Gap Creates Big Dilemma for CEOs

Digital Talent Gap Creates Big Dilemma for CEOs

Talent challenges create real hardship — hampering innovation and delaying implementation of critical projects, according to survey findings. Enterprises rank the difficulty of finding, retaining, upskilling and reskilling talent among the three most pressing issues they will face in 2019.

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Software Product Management Talent Dilemma

Software Product Management Talent Dilemma

Product management is one of the most critical talent pools for any company that is writing software but often does not get the right level of attention. Having a world-class product management function requires a multipronged approach under a holistic talent-management program.

via McKinsey