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Digital Transformation: a Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Digital Transformation: a Gap Between Strategy and Execution

“As organizations tackle more large-scale strategic initiatives like digital business transformations and rely increasingly on multiple functions and business units (BUs) to execute those strategies, three dynamics complicate strategic execution.”

via Gartner

How the Leadership Talent Shortage Impacts Digital Growth

Leadership Talent Shortage Impacts Digital Growth

“Companies are struggling with a critical problem — finding managers with the right skills to lead their organizations. This problem not only has damaging downstream effects for businesses, but it’s also hurting the global economy.”

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Why Digital Innovation Requires Skilled Leadership

Why Digital Innovation Requires Skilled Leadership

“64% of CEOs in EMEA identified innovation as critical to growth over the next five to 10 years. However, just 16% had added a chief innovation officer. Similarly, 52% cite digital transformation as critical for growth, but a scant 14% have added a chief digital officer.”

via World Economic Forum

How to Refocus Enterprise IT on Value Creation

How to Refocus Enterprise IT on Value Creation

“With just 10 percent of IT allocated to generating new business value, incumbents are not battle ready when it comes to contending with nimble tech players. As any investor would tell you, place your resource bets where you believe there is value.”

via McKinsey

Why Digital Transformation Challenges the IT Status Quo

Why Digital Transformation Challenges the IT Status Quo

“Bain research has found that only 12% of all corporate transformations achieve their targets, and, while we are in the early days with many stories still being written, digital transformations appear even harder.”

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Bridging the Leadership Gap Between Tech and Business

Bridging the Leadership Gap Between Tech and Business

Enterprise IT has a brand problem. It has lost trust with its customers — from C-suite stakeholders to individual contributors — who have come to associate IT with bottlenecks, frustration, constraints, and cost overruns.”

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Exploring The World’s Most Innovative Countries

The World’s Most Innovative Countries

“This year’s GII shows how big data and artificial intelligence have begun to dominate the health equation. Those who hold the data and analyze it will become more and more powerful. A large part of health-related decisions may move away from the medical professions into the hands of large data consortium.”

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