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Why Companies Don’t Respond to Digital Disruption

Why Companies Don’t Respond to Digital Disruption

The gap between the 87 percent who say digital disruption will affect their industry and the 44 percent who say their company is adequately preparing is, in a word, staggering. The majority knows digital disruption is happening.

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Learn How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Organization

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“So, what do purpose-driven leaders look like? The best way to understand a concept is with some real and tangible examples, so let me share a few examples of business leaders who I happen to know personally who exemplify these traits.”

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How to Avoid Digital Disruption in 2018


Stories of disruption flood the news and keep executives awake at night. According to Deloitte, nearly 90% of managers and executives surveyed expect “great” or “moderate” digital disruption, but fewer than half say their organizations are adequately preparing.

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How C-Suite Partners Align for Digital Transformation


“65 percent of businesses told IDC that they now have a digital leadership team. On average, there are four C-suite executives on the team and 43 percent said that the CEO is the primary leader.”

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Wall Street Journal: Management Top 250 Apply Tech Innovation


The Wall Street Journal introduced its “Management Top 250” report, a comprehensive guide that examines how effective American companies are at navigating today’s complex business environment. The most effectively managed U.S. companies have incorporated the best strategies from the technology sector to promote innovation.

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How Companies Can Catch Up to the Digital Revolution

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“Just as in a corporate restructuring program, however, digital transformations require choices about what sort of change the company should pursue. In our experience, there are five main options, each one requiring a specific approach and set of activities, each with its own costs and benefits.”

Source: McKinsey & Company

How to Ensure Your Digital Transformation Succeeds

The CEO has a preeminent role in driving the digital transformation process. The process needs to start from the top. You need to change structures. The only one who can do it is the CEO.

Source: McKinsey & Company