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A Dynamic Learner in the Global Networked Economy

A Dynamic Learner in the Global Networked Economy

“Continuous education and self-improvement are imperative to keep up with work and life in a rapidly changing world. A book by Bradley Staats explains the benefits of dynamic learning and outlines the methods of becoming more effective as a lifelong learner.”

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Hybrid Jobs Create Demand for Multi-Skilled Talent

Hybrid Jobs Create Demand for Multi-Skilled Talent

The trend toward more complex, multi-skilled jobs isn’t new, but it’s speeding up. A study projects that hybrid jobs will grow by 21% over the next decade, that’s more than twice the 10% growth rate of the global job market overall.

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Ten Skills of Global Cosmopolitan Talent

10 Skills of Global Cosmopolitan Talent

Global Cosmopolitans are proficient at building bridges between contexts, which includes helping organizations adapt to new markets. But even after they have slaked their wanderlust and decided to settle down in one place, the learning-oriented mindset they have developed will serve them (and their organizations) in good stead.”

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More Opportunity in The Global Networked Economy

More Opportunity in The Global Networked Economy

“It is one of the great ironies of the immense potential of digital technology that we are no longer dealing with just a question of technology – 60% of global GDP is expected to be digitized by 2022 and there is increasingly little distinction between the digital economy and the ‘real’ economy, between digital society and ‘real’ society.”

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Strategic HR Drives the Quest for Digital Talent

Strategic HR Drives the Quest for Digital Talent

With digital transformation ongoing and the resulting struggle for talent still very much an issue, the roles and responsibilities of HR departments within organizations have changed. HR management has become a strategic issue in order to win, develop, and retain experts and high-profile staff.

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Digital Transformation: Luddites Prefer Mediocrity

Digital Transformation: Luddites Prefer Mediocrity

What’s one of the biggest challenges to digital transformation progress. About half of those polled said that internal politics and cultural resistance disrupt their digital transformation efforts.

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The Compelling Business Case for Curiosity

The Compelling Business Case for Curiosity

In the survey of more than 3,000 employees, 92 percent credited curious people with bringing new ideas into teams and organizations and viewed curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction, motivation, innovation, and high performance. Yet executives’ actions often tell a different story.

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