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Why Global PC Market Continued an Epic Decline in 2015

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The Personal Computer (PC) market has been very volatile for several years. Meanwhile, each new year an industry analyst predicts a small recovery, but the forecast results fail to materialize. We’ve seen this cycle of refutal over and over again.

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More Affordable Smartphones Divide the Global Marketplace

Affordable Smartphones

The mobile communication subscriber landscape continues to shift and evolve as more markets reach saturation point across the globe. Most vendors have adjusted their product lines to incorporate low-cost mobile phone models that appeal to consumers in emerging nations, but a few still prefer to rely on the perception that their devices are worth a premium price.

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Higher Worldwide Demand for Chromebooks and Low-Cost PCs

According to the latest worldwide market study by DisplaySearch, in the third quarter of this year, the global notebook personal computer (PC) market grew 10 percent year-over-year, to reach 49.4 million units. Once again, market demand increased for lower-cost devices.

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Smartphone Shipments Reach 317 Million in Q3 2014

According to Juniper Research, smartphone shipments reached 316.6 million in the third quarter Q3 of 2014, representing 13.1 percent y-o-y growth and 5.5 percent q-o-q growth. The biggest gainers of market share this quarter are those capitalizing on expanding Asian markets — such as Xiaomi, the Chinese ODM.

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Exploring the Tablet Market beyond Samsung and Apple

Apple and Samsung have led the market substantially since the inception of media tablets. However, the race for third place is still undecided and competition is heating up between Lenovo, Amazon, ASUS, and other emerging vendors that are forecast to experience a CAGR of 22.8 percent between 2014 and 2019.

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Low-Cost Smartphones Changed the Mobile Vendor Landscape

Global smartphone shipments grew +27% annually in Q2 2014. ┬áThe top 10 families of models accounted for 61% of total smartphones shipped worldwide. ┬áSamsung and Apple top the charts, but LG’s Optimus, Sony’s Xperia, Huawei’s Ascend, Lenovo A series and Xiaomi phones are gaining traction. ┬áMoreover, Lenovo became the world’s largest smartphone vendor — by volume in the entry-tier category — in the second quarter of 2014.

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Why Overall PC Shipments Decline by 1.7 Percent in Q1 2014

Global personal computer sales continue to be weak in a marketplace that favors other devices — such as smartphones and media tablets. Worldwide PC shipments totaled 76.6 million units in the first quarter of 2014 — that’s a 1.7 percent decline from the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest market study by Gartner.

“The end of XP support by Microsoft on April 8 has played a role in the easing decline of PC shipments,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.

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Why PC Shipments Declined by a Record 10 Percent in 2013

The leading vendors of personal computers would much rather put the trials and tribulations of last year behind them, but the industry analysts won’t let them.

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 82.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13), representing a year-on-year contraction of -5.6 percent, according to IDC.

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How Large Smartphones will Compete with Small Tablets

Media tablets have already been adopted by millions of new users during the course of this year. Worldwide tablet shipments are expected to reach 221.3 million units by the end of 2013, that’s down slightly from a previous forecast of 227.4 million but still 53.5 percent above 2012 levels, according to IDC.

However, new growth will slow in the coming years, as some key markets approach the saturation point.

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Why Worldwide PC Shipments will Continue Decline in 2014

Personal computer shipments across the globe totaled 81.6 million units in the third quarter of 2013 (3Q13).

Compared with last year, the market contracted by -7.6% — slightly better than the projected decline of -9.5% for the quarter, according to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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