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Emerging New GPS Technology Applications Move Indoors

indoor GPS market research

GPS personal tracking device shipments will more than double by 2021 with a 21 percent CAGR, as the industry shifts away from traditional markets, such as family and pet locator devices.

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Demand Grows for Leading Mobile Location-Based Services


Mobile network operators and internet service providers have a significant new upside opportunity. The global market for mobile Location-Based Services (LBS) will demonstrate solid growth in the next few years, according to the latest market study by Berg Insight.

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Mobile Location-Based Marketing Benefits from Targeting

Mobile Location-Based Advertising

According to a study, 80% of marketers worldwide use location targeting for mobile advertising. Targeting is more than location — it’s critical to reach the right people once they’re in the right spot.

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How the Mobile Channel Enables Location-Aware Online Marketing

Local Business Search via mobile

Nearly 40% of U.S. mobile device users have searched for local businesses via a mobile app in the past year, compared with three in 10 two years prior. But web browsers were the preferred way to search for local businesses.

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How Small Business Marketing Efforts are Migrating Online

Small Business Marketing

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing channel for SMBs. For those looking to go beyond chatter though, search engine optimization and online local directories were the second and third most effective marketing channels for bringing in new leads and customers.

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How Digital Marketing Connects Savvy Shoppers to Local Stores

The consumer path to purchase is becoming increasingly mobile. Retailers that provide relevant, local information via search and online presence (mobile app and site) will increase both reach and engagement. While helping to drive shoppers in-store, such information will also improve customers’ experience once there.

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The In-Store Retail Technology Market Upside for 2015

The applications for smartphones within physical retail environments already extend beyond in-store product or pricing comparisons by consumers. Moreover, the future use-cases that are likely to emerge in the coming year will expand across a variety of retail sectors.

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How to Explore the Era of Mobile Location-Based Services

As the mobile service provider’s traditional sources of communications revenues decrease, the move towards 4G LTE enables new potential streams of revenues — including in-store retail applications, big data analytics, customer experience management and personalized advertising.

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Mobile Location-Based Services will Drive Business Applications

Internet usage is evolving, and so are the application scenarios for business technology. Desktop personal computers will produce a much smaller share of commercial internet protocol (IP) traffic. Mobile and portable devices will drive the majority of traffic by 2018.

Moreover, commercial mobile location-based services will be the fastest growing application — with a 24.9 percent CAGR.

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How Mobile Marketing is Being Enhanced by Location Data

As mobile budgets swell, brands are eager to find ways to make their ads contextually relevant. As a result, the use of geotargeted mobile display advertising is on the rise, as are campaign results, according to eMarketer.

BIA/Kelsey estimated U.S. advertisers would invest $725 million in local mobile display advertising in 2013, which is nearly twice the amount spent last year.

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