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Why London is The Smartest City in the World

Why London is The Smartest City in the World

“English is the common language uniting the two “smartest” cities in the world, according to the sixth edition of IESE’s Cities in Motion Index, although an ocean and many miles divide them.”

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5 Global Hotspots for Technology Startup Innovation

5 Global Hotspots for Tech Startup Innovation

Even in a hyperconnected world, physical location still matters to entrepreneurs, investors and talent. Factors affecting a start-up’s decision on where to establish their headquarters include quality of life, cost of living, proximity to academic institutions, government support, the economy and existing ecosystems that help new businesses.

Learn about the ‘Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World‘.

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London, UK: a Smart City in the Global Networked Economy

According to a 2015 Markets and Markets report, the global Smart Cities market will grow from $411 billion in 2014 to $1,135 billion by 2019 and the impressive Smart Cities conference in Barcelona last week brought together all the stakeholders to discuss the ways cities can use technology to become more responsive.

Source: Telegraph

Why London, UK Seeks Better Broadband Internet Services

London is currently ranked 26 out of 33 other European cities in terms of broadband speeds, with an average download broadband speed of 26.3Mbps. Romanian capital Bucharest topped the table with speeds of 81.2Mbps, followed by Paris and Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius with 78.15Mbps and 60.14 Mbps respectively.

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London Still Searching for its Tech Mojo, Launches Census

A ground-breaking comprehensive census of London’s tech businesses launched today with a mission to map out the capital’s tech sector. The Great London Tech Census will bring together big data, individual interviews and an online questionnaire to create a detailed analysis of London’s tech cluster.

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London DataStore – the Open Source Big Data API Project

The London Datastore was created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as an innovation towards freeing London’s data. Citizens can access the data that the GLA and other public sector organisations hold, and use that data however they see fit – free of charge.

The GLA is committed to influencing and cajoling other public sector organisations into releasing their data here too.

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London Technology Week – Why Telecom Infrastructure Matters

In a report produced for the event, Boston Consulting Group gave the capital a spanking over broadband. It said: “London, which does not have top-of-the-line fibre optic connection across all boroughs, suffers from mobile dead spots.”

The city should benchmark its broadband against other cities with which it competes and launch an initiative to facilitate the development of public Wi-Fi and full-scale fibre rollout.

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