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How TechHub is Helping BT Crowdsource Startup Talent

Innovative tech products developed by entrepreneurs will be brought to a wide UK audience through BT’s expertise and promotional might. BT is working with TechHub to give the tech startup community a massive boost.

The first opportunity invites innovators to present product prototypes that take advantage of superfast broadband, but each programme will have a different tech focus.

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How the iCITY London Plan will Sustain 2012 Olympic Legacy

iCITY is comprised of three main buildings, containing over a million square feet of space to design and develop. The three buildings are the 300,000 sq ft former Press Centre; the 850,000 sq ft former Broadcast Centre, and a 750 seat auditorium.

The global digital economy is expanding and increasing in value.  The digital economy is even more important in the UK. The digital share of Britain’s GDP is the biggest digital share of national GDP of the G20 countries, and it’s forecast to increase by a third in 2016.

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London Tech City has More in Common with New York City

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he spends more time eyeing London than he does Silicon Valley — in the battle to be the champion city for the tech industry.

“Our competition is only going to be in other cities that have similar kinds of characteristics. And the city that comes to mind is London,” he said.

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Why Seed Money Can’t Solve the London Tech City Talent Shortfall

To spawn the next Facebook or Twitter, first launch a start-up contest. Promise the winner a sizeable equity investment, say £1 million plus, and let firms from all over the world compete. Among the entries there will surely be a hit.

Yet Britain still makes it hard for start-ups to grow. “We have 100 vacancies, but we’ll be fortunate if we can fill half with hires in the UK,” says Errol Damelin, the boss of Wonga.

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Explore BL_NK – Hackney’s Creative Business Community


Building on the success of its award-winning Hackney House initiative, Hackney Council and partners are set to launch BL-NK, a unique venue for Hackney’s creative business community.

It has been created to serve as a hub for showcasing local projects and encouraging inward investment for Hackney and East London businesses and initiatives, whose huge variety mirrors that of this thriving community.

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UK Government Ponders Digital and Tech Talent Shortage

George Osborne has just promised that all students will learn to code from September 2014. Why? The fact is, if the digital employment landscape stays as it is right now, by 2015 there will 900,000 unfilled tech jobs in Europe.

Hundreds of start-ups and established corporations are desperate for brilliant technical talent, but don’t know where to find it.

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London 2012 Revisited – Delivering the Economic Legacy

London 2012 showed that Britain not only has world-class athletes but also the world-class expertise, knowledge and innovation to deliver the most high profile event in the world on time and on budget.

One year on there is £9.9 billion of economic benefit from Olympic-related activities and 31,000 new jobs.

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Why London iCITY Wants to Join the Digital and Creative Scene

The digital share of Britain’s GDP is the biggest share of the G20 countries, and is predicted to increase that share by a third in 2016.

iCITY will enable over 4,000 jobs directly on-site, with a further 2,000 jobs created in the local community through the impact of using local supply chains. As you would expect, a significant amount of these jobs will be in the tech and creative industries.

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How iCity Secures the Future of London Olympics Venue

More than 4,500 jobs will be created at iCITY with around 2,000 more in the local area by 2019, delivering employment for those living close to the Park.

iCITY will invest more than £100million to make the Press and Broadcast Centres an attractive and vibrant location where creative and digital companies will locate.

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Ghost: the Blogging Platform that is Being Built for its Users

The sexy new blogging platform brought to you by the former deputy of the user interface team at WordPress has smashed its initial funding target of £25k on Kickstarter in London after just two days of funding.

John O’Nolan, the man behind the Ghost platform, has announced some exciting stretch goals after changing the target to £250k — ten times the initial figure .

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