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Smart Point of Sale Solutions are Gaining Momentum

mPOS retail market research

ABI Research forecasts the point of sale (POS) hardware market will increase to more than $4.5 billion in 2021, with revenues generated from a combination of traditional POS and mPOS — which employs a smartphone or media tablet as the cash register.

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The In-Store Retail Technology Market Upside for 2015

The applications for smartphones within physical retail environments already extend beyond in-store product or pricing comparisons by consumers. Moreover, the future use-cases that are likely to emerge in the coming year will expand across a variety of retail sectors.

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Mobile Channel Growing Share of Cyber Monday Retail Sales

41% of Cyber Monday online retail traffic in the U.S. came from smartphones and tablets, that’s compared with 30.1% in 2013. Though desktop was still the king of sales, mobile boosted its sales share to 22%. In comparison, overall Cyber Monday online sales grew 8.5%.

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New Forecast Predicts Rapid Growth of Mobile Commerce

Over the past 5 years, the scale of mobile commerce in its various forms — such as banking, money transfer, retail, ticketing and coupons — has grown at a remarkable rate. Several key factors have served to fuel the deployment of new transaction-based services and their adoption by end users.

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Exploring Mobile Payments Adoption and Usage in China

In 2013, 79.6% of mobile payments users in China were ages 18 to 35. And while the bulk still fall into that age group, its share of the total has fallen in 2014 to 68.1% — a more than 10-point drop in a year. Meanwhile, market share among users in their 40s has nearly doubled.

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Over 31 Billion eCoupons will be Redeemed by 2019

With the advent of mobile couponing, eCoupons are being delivered to and accessed via multiple devices — such as PCs, smartphones and media tablets. Moreover, eCoupons are offered through a variety of distribution channels — including email, apps and websites.

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How Mobile Fuels Growth for Online Retailers in France

The eCommerce sector in France is enjoying double-digit growth. According to a recent study, digital sales were up 14% in 2013, compared with 2012. The analysis was based on data from 50 ecommerce sites, including those of Accor, Carrefour and Air France.

Much of the French online retail sales gain was traceable to mobile devices.

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