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Fintech Trends – The End of Legacy Marketing at Banks

Fintech market research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning will improve financial service sales and marketing by enabling processes and communication without continuous direction. The addition of voice-first communication systems could eliminate much of the power of ‘push marketing’.

Source: The Financial Brand

Rational Economic Impact of Machine Learning and Robotics

machine learning robotics market research

Advances in machine learning and mobile robotics mean that robots could do your job better than you. That’s led to some radical predictions of mass unemployment, much more leisure or a work free future. What’s likely to happen, based upon the historical economic impact from automation?

Source: World Economic Forum

Artificial Intelligence Roundup Offers New Insights

artificial intelligence market research

Learn how AI-powered tools like chatbots and virtual digital assistants are offering convenience to consumers, and discover why B2Bs are eager to adopt machine-learning technologies.

Source: eMarketer

Digital Marketers: Test Your Artificial Intelligence Know-How

machine learning artificial intelligence market research

Now that consumers are seeing AI play a bigger role in their everyday lives, more and more marketers are adopting the technology. Move over Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Enter cognitive computing and predictive analytics, and so much more. Take this quiz to measure your knowledge of today’s AI.

Source: eMarketer

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing

AI cognitive computing market research

Artificial intelligence (AI) or cognitive technology is no longer about a machine playing chess. AI is on the streets driving our cars. It is in our call centers talking to customers. AI is drafting and reviewing legal documents with immaculate precision.

Source: World Economic Forum

Why Autonomous Vehicle Adoption will Grow Slowly

Autonomous Vehicle market research

By 2025, just about 15 percent of new passenger car sales worldwide will be autonomous vehicles, with either conditional or full autonomy (level 3 or level 4) capabilities, according to the latest market study by Canalys.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Artificial Intelligence Creates New Opportunities for Marketers

artificial intelligence marketing research

Artificial intelligence had a breakthrough year in 2016, not only with machine learning, but with public awareness as well. And most marketers believe consumers are ready for the technology — according to a recent study.

Source: eMarketer