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AI Market Revenue will Reach $190.61 Billion by 2025

AI Market Revenue will Reach $190.61 Billion by 2025

The artificial intelligence (AI) market was valued at $21.5 billion in 2018 and will reach 190.6 billion by 2025 — that’s a CAGR of 36.6 percent. Major drivers are big data, cloud-based applications, and demand for intelligent virtual assistants.

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Why AI Applications Need Purpose-Built Servers

Why AI Applications Need Purpose-Built Servers

This is why compute and storage server platforms matter: “the AI revolution that we are witnessing could not have happened without the evolution of the computing hardware and of the computing ecosystem.”

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Digital Business Investments Improve Valuations

How Digital Business Investments Improve Valuations

More and more non-technology companies are adopting digital technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning. This study of the economic performance of non-tech firms adopting new digital technologies finds a persistent future increase in valuation.

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Can AI Improve Obsolete Recruitment Practices?

Can AI Improve Obsolete Recruitment Practices?

“It’s too soon to say that machine-learning is the secret to properly evaluating candidates, or that the world is ready for whatever is going to replace resumes. But it’s plain to see how even small changes in the process might address some of the biggest failings of traditional hiring methods.”

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How AI Can Help Us Decode Human Immunity

How AI Can Help Us Decode Human Immunity

“By merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze these individual data sets, we can better understand the molecular-level dynamics of the human immune system and start mapping its governing rules.”

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Why Traditional Retailers Must Adopt AI Innovation

Why Traditional Retailers Must Adopt AI Innovation

The North America retail market is an example of incumbent disruption and slow-moving, executive responses to technology-fueled change. The world’s largest consumer-driven economy is likely a precursor to market shifts that will impact retailers across the globe.

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Why Savvy Retailers Adopted Artificial Intelligence

Why Savvy Retailers Adopted Artificial Intelligence

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, global spending by retailers on AI services will reach $12 billion by 2023 — that’s up from an estimated $3.6 billion in 2019. Juniper expects over 325,000 retailers to adopt AI technology over the forecast period.

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