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Why Managed Security Services Gain New Momentum

Why Managed Security Services Gain New Momentum

According to ESG research, 51% of large firms are already using some type of managed threat detection and response service (MDR) today, while another 42% will do so in the next 12 to 18 months or are interested in doing so.

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Cloud IaaS Revenue will Reach $150.7 Billion in 2023

Cloud IaaS Revenue will Reach $150.7 Billion in 2023

Enterprises are using cloud services for strategic benefits such asĀ supporting digital transformation efforts rather than for tactical ones, like reducing IT infrastructure costs and the hardware or software maintenance burden.

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How Robotics-as-a-Service Expands the Applications

How Robotics-as-a-Service Expands the Applications

Overall, ABI Research estimates that the installed base for RaaS will grow from 4,442 units in 2016 to 1.3 million in 2026. The yearly revenue from RaaS providers is expected to increase from $217 million in 2016 to nearly $34 billion in 2026.

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Global IT Services Contract Value Declined in 2017

Global IT Services Contract Value Declined in 2017

IT services deals experienced a steep decline in 2017, both in terms of the number of deals and total contract value (TCV), compared to both 2016 and 2015. While the TCV witnessed a significant annual decline of 33.3% in 2017 to reach a value of $61.4 billion, the number of deals announced (4,099) saw a considerable decrease of 25.6% in 2017.

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Managed Cloud Services Demand Grows Worldwide

managed cloud market research

IDC forecasts that the worldwide managed cloud services market will grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 18 percent with spending reaching $62.8 billion in 2021.

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Demand Grows for Superior Managed Cloud Services

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Seventy-five percent of respondents to the latest worldwide market study by 451 Research indicate that enterprise IT leaders are willing to pay a premium for enhancements to their server hosting and cloud services.

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Software and Services Drive New IT Spending at SMBs

SMB technology market research

Digital transformation projects have fueled the IT budgets of all business types. Total IT spending by small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) will approach $568 billion in 2017, and exceed $676 billion by 2021, according to the latest worldwide market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Managed Service Provider Market Reached $300 Billion

managed services market research

The Managed Services Provider (MSP) market, occupied by companies that provide contingent workforce management, is flourishing, logging a robust growth rate of 12 percent in 2016 to reach $300 billion in managed spend.

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Managed Security Services will Reach $1B in Latin America

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Effective IT infrastructure security is a growing concern to most organizations that have expanded their use of eCommerce applications. It’s especially important to senior executives at public companies that are held responsible for security breaches and any related impact on customers.

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IT Security Spending will Reach $101.6 Billion in 2020

IT security market research

IT security issues continue to be top-of-mind for many enterprise organizations. Worldwide revenues for security-related hardware, software, and services will grow from $73.7 billion in 2016 to reach $101.6 billion in 2020, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

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