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How the Global Internet will Reach 3 Billion Users in 2015

The number of internet users worldwide will surpass 3 billion in 2015, according to eMarketer, increasing 6.2% next year to reach 42.4% of the entire world’s population. By 2018, nearly half the world’s population, or 3.6 billion people, will access the internet at least once each month.

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Why the Pace of Digital Business Tech Adoption is Not Equal

According to a recent study, a quarter (26%) of the enterprise leaders stated that their firms were already “Fully Engaged” or “Established” in Digital business practices — with 74% either having “No Digital Footprint” (4%), in an “Experimental / Learning” mode (32%), or “Committed / In Process” (38%) today, although not yet generating meaningful revenue.

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World Economic Forum Global Agenda 2015 – Internet Trends

The internet has infiltrated almost every corner of society, transforming our lives in the process. Over the coming decades, networked innovations will extend this change to the physical world. But as we become ever-more reliant on online tools and services, who should protect and regulate the internet itself? Our Global Agenda Council experts explore the debates and opportunities ahead.

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How Global Connectedness Impacts Economic Growth

Globalization did increase slightly in 2013 — and, with or without that increase, will continue to have a significant impact on every company that pursues a multinational strategy. But the changes are not as simple as people might think. Globalization is not a uniform phenomenon around the world. The world’s most globally connected countries are many times more connected than the least.

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Mobile Internet Tech Investment will Reach New Highs in 2015

With mobile internet revenue forecast to grow to $700 billion, VCs and corporates invested a record $19.2 billion in the last 12 months to Q3 2014. The big money went into mCommerce ($4.2B), travel/transport ($3.3B), utilities ($1.8B) and games ($1.1B) related investment.

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Why Traditional Broadcast TV Ratings Declined in America

Todd Juenger of Sanford C. Bernstein, says the big third quarter drop in ratings for ad-supported TV in the U.S. market is largely the fault of subscription video on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon– and that the erosion of broadcast TV viewership is likely to increase.

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The Most Innovative Companies – an Interactive Guide from BCG

To explore the state of innovation, The Boston Consulting Group fields an annual innovation survey of thousands of senior-level executives. Since 2005, their survey has revealed the 50 companies that executives ranked as the most innovative. The interactive guide shows the changes to The BCG’s list of most innovative companies from 2005 to 2014.

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Why a Focus on Customer Need Matters More than Anything

When marketing executives in North America were asked to rank the most important attributes of customer centricity, having a senior management team committed to understanding the needs and behaviors of the customer market landed in the top spot.

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Exploring Digital Trade in the U.S. and Global Economies

According to U.S. International Trade Commission, the combined effects of enhanced productivity and lower international trade costs due to “digital trade” likely resulted in an estimated $517.1 billion to $710.7 billion increase — that’s a 3.4 percent to 4.8 percent increase in U.S. gross domestic product GDP.

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Digital Innovation Evolves Past Cloud and Social Strategy

By 2016, use of cloud and social will be so pervasive that 60% of mainstream organizations will not consider them as a significant factor, in and of themselves, when making investment decisions.  Use of cloud and social will be the expected norm, but not a differentiated factor in themselves.

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