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Global Mobile Messaging Market Competition Escalates

global mobile messaging market research

Mobile network service provider revenue loss from ‘grey route’ application-to-person (A2P) traffic will amount to $62 billion over the next 6 years, despite the increased deployment of security measures, according to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why the Enterprise Telephony Market has an Uncertain Future

enterprise telephony market research

Global sales of pure IP, hybrid and TDM PBX enterprise telephone systems totaled $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2015 (3Q15), that’s up 3.9 percent from the previous quarter, while unified communications (UC) solutions grew 5.4 percent. However, the PBX market was down 7 percent.

Source: IHS

High-Growth Mobile Messaging Market in Eastern Europe

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Nearly 93 million people in Central and Eastern Europe will use mobile messaging apps at least monthly in 2015. That’s up 49.3% over 2014 usage levels—the highest growth rate of any region in the world.

Source: eMarketer

Rising Demand for Encrypted Mobile Communications in U.S.

encrypted mobile messenger market research

Mobile communication apps will continue to be disruptive in the telecom sector — in particular, market development for the encrypted open-source Signal app from Open Whisper Systems will be the one to watch in 2016.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Mobile Messaging Use in China Reaches 400 Million People

china mobile messaging market research

Mobile phone messaging apps in general, and WeChat in particular, are huge in China. eMarketer estimates that nearly 400 million people in China use mobile phone messaging apps — translating to 28.8% of the country’s population and 37.9% of its mobile phone audience.

Source: eMarketer

How Mobile Messaging Apps will Transform Communication

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More than 1.4 billion people worldwide will use a mobile messaging app this year. Double-digit growth is forecast through 2018, as 2 billion mobile internet access users worldwide flock to smartphone messaging apps for low-cost texting solutions, plus voice calls and video chats.

Source: eMarketer

Why U.S. Smartphone Apps are Likely to Lead Mobile Disruption

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Mobile network service providers are concerned by the dominant position that Facebook and Google maintain on the majority of American smartphones. Why are they anxious? Instant messaging was the Trojan Horse software app that has enabled both companies to position their future expansion into traditional telecom service offerings, such as voice and video communication.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Mobile Messaging Apps Reach 1.4 Billion Users Worldwide

mobile messaging app market research

Mobile phone messaging apps will be used by more than 1.4 billion consumers in 2015, that’s up by 31.6% on the previous year — and 75% of smartphone users say they’ve already used an over-the-top mobile messaging app, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Source: eMarketer

Why Many Americans Prefer to Use a Mobile Feature Phone

US mobile feature phone market research

92% of American adults own a mobile phone of some kind (68% are smartphones). Although these mobile devices are ubiquitous today, the share of adults who own one has risen substantially since 2004, when Pew Research conducted its first poll. At that time, 65% of Americans owned a cellphone.

Source: Pew Research Center

Mobile Voice Over Wi-Fi Starts to Get Interesting in U.S. Market

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If you’re thinking of holding on to your current smartphone because there’s no compelling reason to upgrade, well you’re not alone. The smartphone market in America has plateaued, now that most mobile network service providers removed phone subsidies and Apple offers unlocked iPhones directly to consumers (bypassing the U.S. wireless carriers).

Source: Digital Lifescapes