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Public Cloud Evolves Beyond The Hyperscalers

Public Cloud Evolves Beyond The Hyperscalers

“In the next two to five years the widespread adoption of microservices, serverless computing, and containers will deliver public cloud speed and agility across private and industry-specific cloud environments, threatening hyperscalers’ dominance.”

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Microservices Gain Momentum Among Cloud App Developers

Microservices Gain Momentum Among Cloud App Developers

According to a market study of cloud container usage, “about 28% of respondents say their organizations have been using microservices for at least three years; more than three-fifths (61%) of the respondents have been using microservices for a year or more.”

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Why Hybrid Multi-cloud is Already Mainstream

Why Hybrid Multi-cloud is Already Mainstream

More than 90 percent of enterprises around the world have adopted cloud services in some shape or form. Additionally, 46 percent of them run a multi-cloud environment and 59 percent have adopted more advanced concepts like containers and microservices in their production set-up.

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Cloud-Native Applications: Lessons Learned in Practice

Cloud-Native Applications: Lessons Learned in Practice

Now that containerized architectures can increase application agility and speed, there’s been a push to package more applications in containers, and use Kubernetes to manage both compute and storage.

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Cloud Native Technologies are Scaling Production Apps


“Cloud native technologies are continuing to expand into all sizes of companies and at a greater scale in production. While companies are growing their usage of containers in all facets of their development cycle, they’re also adding new cloud native technologies that complement Kubernetes to their technology stack.”

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A Business Case for Monolithic Mainframe Architecture

mainframe server market research

There are things a monolithic architecture guarantees that are no longer true when we’ve distributed our system. Components (now services) no longer start and stop together in a predictable order.”

Source: The New Stack

Software is Now the Critical Differentiator in Every Industry

software innovation market research

To stay alive, some of the biggest global enterprises are making a radical change in how they build and deliver software. The new model is called microservices, an approach where large applications are broken down into small, loosely coupled and composable autonomous pieces.

Source: WSJ

Open Source Containers will Disrupt Proprietary IT Vendors

open source linux container software

Open source software technologies fundamentally shift the nature of the tasks being performed by captive IT organizations working for large enterprises. The rise of Linux Container applications built using agile development methodologies to deliver microservices represents a once-in-a-generation change — as developers exploit this digital transformation.

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Digital Business Transformation Enabled by the API Economy

Software API Economy

The API Economy is the growing ecosystem connected by software APIs which supports a growing number of IT trends — SaaS, Mobile, IoT, Microservices, DevOps, Containers, and Cloud Computing. The combination of these trends is forming the backbone for digital business transformation.

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Enable Digital Transformation with Microservices and DevOps

Microservices Digital Business

Most companies that are attempting to transform themselves into Digital Businesses are facing challenges with speed of software development. Microservices allow companies to have separate, smaller development teams that can create services to support new products, temporary promotions, new integration, and the ability to scale in the Cloud.

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