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How Savvy B2B Buyers Raised the Bar for Vendors

How Savvy B2B Buyers Raised the Bar for Vendors

“In the future of buying, the buying process transforms from seller-led to buyer-led. The future B2B buyer will expect buying experiences to be increasingly open, connected, intuitive, and immediate:” B2B channel marketing leaders must anticipate and plan for buyers’ evolving expectations.

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Multi-Channel Marketing – Why it’s Easier Said than Done

multichannel marketing research

Multi-channel marketing is difficult to do effectively. Not only must marketers come up with campaigns that work across channels, but they must also attempt to analyze how they work in concert. And research suggests most are not much closer to getting a handle on all that data than they were a few years ago.

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More American Retailers are Planning Mobile Applications

US retail mobile channel strategy

Retail IT execs polled in the U.S. market cited several mobile-centric items when asked about their key objectives in the next 18 months — including advancing a mobile commerce strategy (32%), expanding multi-channel initiatives (22%) and developing new payment technologies (46%).

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Why Real-Time Multichannel Marketing is Gaining Momentum

Real-Time Multichannel Marketing

With the growth of real-time capable digital channels and adoption by targeted buyers, more marketers say they plan to focus on engaging with audiences at the very moment they need it. Survey findings also indicate the increasing importance of social media to B2B multi-channel marketers.

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Multi-Channel Marketing is an Open Field for the Practitioners

As people use several devices throughout the day, marketers are trying to figure out how to track them across platforms. As a result, multi-channel marketing was a top priority for the majority of marketers worldwide. However, Just 7% of respondents said their organizations were prepared to execute cross-channel marketing strategies.

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Why Buyers Prefer Online Digital Media for Product Research

Digital channels are now the method of choice for both product research and purchasing.  82% of U.S. buyers preferred to research products from multi-channel retailers on the internet via PC 61%, tablet 11% or smartphone 10% — compared with 13% who would rather research items in a physical store.

The study found that comparing prices was the most frequent in-store smartphone activity, cited by 36 percent.

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Why Savvy Content Marketers Apply Multi-Screen Engagement

Content marketing has emerged as a well-accepted practice, blending brand-beneficial messaging into a non-advertising package in order to fit in with modern media platforms like social media, digital video or mobile search, according to eMarketer.

Cross-device functionality is critical for successful content marketing.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Popular with U.S. Small Businesses

A survey found 82% of American small businesses and nonprofits had begun using multi-channel marketing programs, it’s one way to stretch marketing dollars while extending reach at the same time.

Out of those using multi-channel marketing, 73% said they had seen success.

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