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How Mobile Streaming Media Encryption Drives Disruption

mobile multimedia market research

According to the latest worldwide market study by ABI Research, apps enabled with content encryption eliminated nearly 60 percent of the traditional video and audio optimization market in 2015.

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Connected Devices Transform the Audio-Visual Media Market

audio-visual media device market research

The world now contains 8.1 billion connected smartphones, media tablets, personal computers, televisions, TV-attached devices and various audio devices. On average, across the whole globe, this Internet-connected device installed base now equates to about four devices per household.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Enterprise Cloud Storage Demand will Double by 2017

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Worldwide, many enterprise IT organizations are experiencing an exponential growth of data storage requirements as employees create more digital content. Multimedia asset storage is a key driver — in particular, a variety of video content.

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Transmedia: Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti Anniversary

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Led Zeppelin’s classic album Physical Graffiti is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year by giving viewers the chance to experience the album in an entirely new way. The band teamed up with Interlude to create an interactive experience.

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Discover the Key to Superior Multimedia Brand Storytelling


One third of Millennials now watch absolutely no broadcast TV. This is causing a lot of brands to panic. But not all of them. For some, it’s spurring the beginning of a renaissance in brand storytelling through multimedia.

These brands are breaking out of the confines of the 30-second TV ad spot to experiment with in-depth narratives that go far beyond simple blog posts.

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Personal Cloud Storage Users will Reach 3.61 Billion by 2018

People everywhere are saving much more multimedia data in online storage services. The active accounts associated with personal cloud storage services will exceed 1 billion at the end of 2013 — that’s nearly twice as many as a year ago, according to ABI Research.

Over the next five years the global account base will more than triple, reaching 3.61 billion by the end of 2018.

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Content Delivery Networks for More Cloud Services in 2014

As internet demand grows exponentially, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) should be used to reduce the overall traffic.  In 2012, CDN traffic was 53% of all consumer traffic, and will grow to 65% by 2017.

CDN architectures should evolve. In the future all content will be closer to the end-user, as more cloud service providers use cache servers within the access network.