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How Secure SD-WAN Enables Improved Remote Working

Secure SD-WAN Enables Improved Remote Working

“We have seen significant growth in the deployment of WFH devices, which has led to growing PC sales as well as investment in new secure connectivity like SD-WAN at scale to offer improved connectivity to the office as well as flexibility that VPN isn’t as well suited for.”

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Remote Work: A Business Case for Network Optimization

Remote Work: A Business Case for Network Optimization

Executives say 20% of their ‘overall workforce’ is currently enabled to work remotely. Almost 40% say their employees have trouble accessing their organization’s network. Almost half can’t access the necessary technology and tools to do their work effectively while out of a traditional office.


Remote Work: Solving IT Security and Compliance Issues

Remote Work: Solving IT Security and Compliance Issues

“The sudden shift to remote work has massively amplified the problem of protecting proprietary information. As companies had to implement remote access technologies fast (or upgrade existing infrastructures) to ensure business continuity, they often fell back on improvisation.”

via LSE Business Review

The Upside for Cloud Edge Computing and SD-WAN

The Upside for Cloud Edge Computing and SD-WAN

Hyperscale cloud providers and global network carriers have been building stronger relationships and deeper integrations around SD-WAN and networking solutions. The partnerships are a natural fit as more enterprises move business-critical workloads to cloud platforms.

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Network Equipment Services Market will Reach $46 Billion

Network Equipment Services Market will Reach $46 Billion

The network equipment services market reversed direction in 2019, due to positive developments with Network Rollout Services and Consulting Services offsetting reduced demand for Managed Services.  According to the latest study, the market is forecast to reach $46 billion in 2024.

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Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT solutions are gaining momentum. Most savvy CIOs and CTOs already have plans to increase their applications for open-source software projects. While that software is an established component of on-premises enterprise data centers, the untapped opportunity is open IT hardware infrastructure.

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U.S. Broadband Internet Usage is Up Significantly

Update: U.S. Broadband Internet Usage is Up Significantly

“The average downstream (data received) usage per customer in urban areas rose 98.3% while upstream (data sent) usage per customer climbed 68.6% on Monday, March 16 compared to a week earlier.”

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Networking Hardware Revenue Reached $186 Billion

Networking Hardware Revenue Reached $186 Billion

The networking hardware market was worth $186 billion in this year to the end of June — growing by 5 percent. With service provider networks growing by 5% and enterprise networks by 4% to $131 billion and $55 billion, respectively.

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Networking Vendor Revenues Set a New Record

Networking Vendor Revenues Set a New Record

“New data from Synergy Research Group shows that vendor revenues from Ethernet switch and router markets passed the $12 billion mark in the final quarter of 2018, achieving a new all-time high. For the full year vendor revenues were in excess of $44 billion, up 4% from 2017.”

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Wireless IoT Applications within Industrial Automation

Wireless IoT Applications within Industrial Automation

While wired networking solutions are still predominantly used for industrial communications between sensors, controllers and systems, wireless solutions have gained a strong foothold in a number of applications.

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