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How the UK will Boost Digital Economy Jobs and Growth

UK Digital Economy market research

The UK is already home to more than 200,000 digital businesses supporting more than 1.4 million jobs – with the fastest growing-digital hubs from 2010-14 in Southampton, West Cornwall and Dundee.

Source: GOV.UK

How China is Leading the Digital News Media Growth Trend

Chinese Media is global

While many major western media face budget cuts, Chinese media are busily expanding offices and recruiting staff: Xinhua News Agency currently has over 180 news bureaus globally, publishing news text, photographs, audio and video programs around the clock in eight languages.

via World Economic Forum

How Virtual Reality is Going to Transform News Reporting

How Vice News Uses Virtual Reality

Long the purview of the gaming world, Virtual Reality represents a new frontier for journalism. News reports for years have borne witness to the events shaping the world. Now, directors and reporters are experimenting with virtual-reality technologies to essentially transport people into those events.

via NYTimes

Explore the News Media Growth Trends on Mobile Devices

Among print news and media sites studied, 40% served dedicated mobile versions, 30% used responsive web design (RWD) — despite Google’s push for this format — and 22% served dynamic mobile sites.

via eMarketer

Nearly 40% of Senior Citizens in Germany Use the Internet

Millions of older people in Germany can no longer imagine life without the internet. More than half of older internet users (52%) said the web had improved their quality of life, and six in 10 said it helped keep them mentally fit.

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Unworldly – the Decline of Real International News Reporting

The U.S. news machine, confused about its mandate, has faltered. Big stories are often missed. Huge swaths of the world are forgotten or shrouded in myth.

The news both creates these myths and dispels them, in a pretense of providing us with truth.

via NYTimes

Industry Executives Who are Willing to Pay for Digital News

Media publishers may be relying on advertising — not subscriptions — for digital revenue growth, but there’s one group of readers who may help fuel their earnings: business executives.  According to a study, 37% of business executives worldwide paid for digital news.

Finance industry executives were the most likely — 47% of respondents — to pay for digital news.

via eMarketer

Digital Marketing Spend to Rise in U.S. Media and Entertainment

Digital advertising spending will grow faster in media and entertainment than in other U.S. industries. A key driver is the heavy use of video and rich media ads — the two fastest-growing ad formats — by marketers of news media, movies, TV shows, games and music.

These marketers are also big investors in mobile advertising, given the migration of consumption toward tablets and smartphones.

via eMarketer

Most Digital Advertising Revenue Goes to a Few Large Companies

In the first quarter of 2014, Google earned 90% of its revenue from digital advertising. In 2013, overall digital display advertising accounted for $17.7 billion, up from $14.8 in 2012.

Google and other large companies are able to place display ads across a network of websites and can target more effectively.

via Pew Research Center

NY Times: When ‘sponsored by Dell’ is the Only Advertising

When Dell chose to be the inaugural brand on The New York Times’ Paid Posts native advertising platform in January, the fact that the pages were clearly labeled as branded content prompted some to question Dell’s decision.

Didn’t we realize that readers weren’t going to be taken in?

via Content Strategist