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Transmedia: The Economist New ‘Essays’ Immersive Storytelling

The Economist has launched a new digital-first series called Essays, adopting an immersive storytelling style to deliver content outside the “constraints of print”.

The series, which started with Democracy, was “an opportunity to start doing things in a different way,” said Tom Standage, digital editor.

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Transmedia: the Greatest Comeback in Sailing History

WSJ interactive story features The America’s Cup, first held in 1851, is believed to award the world’s oldest international sporting trophy. The contest also is one of the least professionalized.

There is no permanent organization, commission or governing body. The winner gets to pick where and when the next race is held.

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Examples and Tips on Immersive Storytelling from WSJ Editors

The Wall Street Journal has used immersive storytelling to great effect on Libor: The Spider Network, built on D3, which covers the recent Libor financial manipulation scandal and surrounding investigation.

The fully-movable WSJ graphic lets users interact with the web of connections.

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Print Media in the Digital Era – a $52 Billion Loss of Revenue

In 1991, in response to the question, “How did you get your news yesterday?” 56% of Americans answered, “from the newspaper”. This percentage has dropped to 33% today, while 39% cite the internet as their main source of news.

Print media’s global advertising revenue decreased by 40% between 2007 and 2012, which represents a loss of $52 billion in revenue.


Brand Publishing needs Better Metrics for Performance Goals

So far, brand publishers still have not figured out how to correctly measure the ROI they’re getting from their content marketing efforts. There’s no proper methodology to help them with day-to-day optimization.

They fall back to vanity metrics — such as shares and likes — but these are completely useless. In 2014, we’ll see new methodologies, tools and processes being developed.

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Why Yahoo Plans to Invest in More Original News Storytelling

The big news out of Yahoo! the past few months is that — like seemingly every other brand on earth — they’re planning a major investment in original storytelling.

“By a very large margin we are the biggest news site in the world— almost twice what its next closest competitor is,” Rob Barrett, VP of News and Finance at Yahoo.

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How Investigative Journalism Became a Charity in America

If you suspect your local town government is corrupt, would you pay a journalist to investigate? Uncoverage will test whether the public “cares enough” about investigative journalism to pay for it.

Seriously, what’s next in America? If you want a professional (meaningful) world news show on TV, will you make a donation to fund the whole truth?

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How Global Internet Users Rank the Top Mobile App Categories

Seven in ten (71%) global Internet users in 27 countries say they regularly use a variety of different Mobile or Internet applications. Most popular of the items measured are weather (39%), news (39%), and music (35%) apps.

Followed by banking/financial (32%), movie (23%), food/cooking (21%), and medical/health/fitness (17%) apps. But travel apps (16%) are the least regularly used by the global respondents.

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Exploring the Growth of Digital TV News Channels in Europe

There are almost 300 news channels currently available in Europe, with 214 based in the continent and a further 80 broadcast there from elsewhere, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory.

More than 80% of news channels belong to private companies, while the number of news channels available over free DTT has risen to 43, compared to 16 four years ago.

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Digital Magazines are Coming to a Public Library Near You

Magazine publishers are experimenting with all sorts of different ways to get you to pay for their digital products — including single issues, subscriptions, buffets and package deals.

But if you have a public library card, you may be able to get quite a few digital magazines without paying anything at all.

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