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Global Video Index Shows Mobile Viewing Up by 110 Percent

mobile internet video entertainment

In their latest Index, Ooyala said 44% of all video views in the second quarter of 2015 were on mobile devices, that’s an increase of 844% since the second quarter of 2012, and a compound annual growth rate that exceeds 110%.

Source: Ooyala

Multi-Channel Marketing – Why it’s Easier Said than Done

multichannel marketing research

Multi-channel marketing is difficult to do effectively. Not only must marketers come up with campaigns that work across channels, but they must also attempt to analyze how they work in concert. And research suggests most are not much closer to getting a handle on all that data than they were a few years ago.

Source: eMarketer

Online Commercial Storytelling Interactive Design Examples

brand storytelling interactive user experience

Effective storytelling requires that you use visual and user interface design to create something that people want to interact with. In this piece, we’ll explain some key techniques illustrated with plenty of live examples.

Source: TNW

Upside Opportunities for Online Digital Payment Innovation

mobile internet payment services

In an age when everything is in real-time and on demand, payments can still take days, where an international transaction can easily take longer than sending a package. It’s not just about speed but also cost. It doesn’t make economic sense to send $100 from the U.S. to Europe because of high fees.

Source: World Economic Forum

Digital Display Advertising will Grow by 66.2% in UK Market

UK digital display advertising forecast

According to new figures from eMarketer, UK programmatic digital display ad spending will grow 66.2% to reach £1.80 billion ($2.96 billion) this year, accounting for more than half (59.0%) of the UK display advertising market for the first time.

Source: eMarketer

Why B2B Digital Marketers Value the Online Sales Channel

B2B Digital Marketing

Fifty percent of B2B companies currently selling online expect that half or more of their total customer base will be buying online from them within three years. B2B companies are already seeing average annual online sales growth of 19%, according to a Forrester.

via Forrester

Games Software Revenue will Reach $110 Billion by 2018

games software

While Digi-Capital forecasts games software revenue growing from $88 billion in 2015 to $110 billion by 2018, that is just 8% growth per year – low by tech standards (although AR/VR could break out next year).

via Digi-Capital

B2B Marketing Opportunity for Email Campaign Automation

B2B Email marketing

According to B2B marketing execs worldwide, email was most effective during the awareness and consideration stages of the buying process, at 72% and 69% of respondents. Once the purchase stage came about, the number dropped to 36%.

via eMarketer

How Small Business Marketing Efforts are Migrating Online

Small Business Marketing

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing channel for SMBs. For those looking to go beyond chatter though, search engine optimization and online local directories were the second and third most effective marketing channels for bringing in new leads and customers.

via eMarketer

Why B2B Marketers Need Epic Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Today, 74% of B2B buyers research at least one-half of their work purchases online. In addition, 30% of today’s B2B buyers complete at least half of their work purchases online. With that percentage nearly doubling to 56% by 2017, B2B sellers will see a significant volume of offline business move online in the next few years.

via Forrester