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How the Pandemic has Inspired Open Innovation

How the Pandemic Inspires Open Innovation

Opening up and sharing information about corona virus allows the scientific and academic communities to test new strategies. The Open Government Alliance recommends sharing models used to tally cases and make projections. New Zealand has already shared data on the pandemic’s impact on trade.

via World Economic Forum

New Business Paradigm for Data Empowers Stakeholders

New Business Paradigm for Data Empowers Stakeholders

“Digitalization is yielding vast quantities of data, which offer opportunities for business, human well-being and the environment, if used effectively. New business models and technologies are allowing organizations to use data to generate top-line value while preserving individual agency and privacy.”

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Open Innovation: Why Shared Knowledge Matters

Open Innovation: Why Shared Knowledge Matters

Open research and sharing data and information openly will likely lead to the creation of a vaccine in record time which will save lives. If ever there was an example of the importance of open knowledge to the public, here it is.

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WEF Strategic Intelligence: Source of Economic Insights


The World Economic Forum launched ‘Strategic Intelligence’, its flagship digital product to help individuals and organizations see the big picture on the global issues facing the world. It provides a tremendous resource for exploring the interconnections between over 250 different topics.

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Sharing Data and Expertise to Build Economic Resilience

Sharing Data and Expertise to Build Economic Resilience

“EMER²GENT brings together industry and talent to cooperate in ways that have never been witnessed before. These are unprecedented times. But we’re all in this together — We operate on three simple principles encompassing open data and open source culture.”


Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

“As digitalization progresses, a new trend towards openness has emerged, manifesting itself in topics such as open data, open innovation, and open API. Even the decades-long open-source movement is experiencing an incredible renaissance.”

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How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

With rising levels of automobile traffic congestion and its environmental impact, there are now more efforts focused on finding ways to make urban travel more efficient. A catalyst for this change has been the principle of Open Data, which is where cities release as much data as possible about local transport, allowing companies to tailor services that fill gaps in coverage.

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Marketers are Challenged to Adopt Big Data and Analytics

Marketing big data analytics

Gathering data is critical for marketers, but in order to act on insights gleaned from all of the information collected, the right tools and skills are necessary. However, 60% of respondents to a recent survey said integrating new technology with existing tools was a challenge.

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U.S. and UK agree on Open API for Electronic Health Records

The U.S. and the UK governments have agreed to work together on healthcare related quality indicators, releasing and using health data, and on the interoperability of electronic patient record systems. Part of this initiative in America is the so-called Blue Button Connector.

It is the very first open data source delivered through an open API that makes transparent the health data that is increasingly available to the public.

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