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Open Innovation Upside Potential for Telecom Services

Open Innovation Upside Potential for Telecom Services

A creative Open Innovation strategy promotes a mindset for collaboration that is counter to the ‘closed silo’ approach of most legacy organizations. That said, the benefits of increased openness are apparent. Open technology ecosystems have driven ongoing cooperation in the Global Networked Economy.

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Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT solutions are gaining momentum. Most savvy CIOs and CTOs already have plans to increase their applications for open-source software projects. While that software is an established component of on-premises enterprise data centers, the untapped opportunity is open IT hardware infrastructure.

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Cloud Computing: Why High-Performance Hardware Matters

Cloud Computing: Why High-Performance Hardware Matters

Next-generation workloads can require specialized hardware capabilities, but enterprises embracing the cloud often overlook such considerations completely. For some, that can mean reduced performance and value.”

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Open Infrastructure: Inclusive, Global, Adaptable IT

Open Infrastructure: Inclusive, Global, Adaptable IT

IT Infrastructure is hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, and manage services. Open Infrastructure is built from open-source technologies, available for all users to work with, to improve and contribute back.

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How Open Technology Drives Digital Innovation

How Open Technology Drives Digital Innovation

Today, through the use of the internet, open technology means enabling customers to have the flexibility, knowledge and confidence to make future-proof technology investments, as well as the ability to extend and enhance software to meet their needs.

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Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

“As digitalization progresses, a new trend towards openness has emerged, manifesting itself in topics such as open data, open innovation, and open API. Even the decades-long open-source movement is experiencing an incredible renaissance.”

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Leading Digital Growth via Open Innovation Platforms

Welcome to the ‘connected economy’ (CE) — a new business reality in which value is created through technology-enabled links among people, open digital systems and business partner networks. Across industries, huge opportunities are available for savvy organizations to become connected economy leaders.

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Digital Transformation Leaders Adopt Open Ecosystems

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IT and business leaders must acknowledge that they’ve likely reached a significant turning point. Business technology advances are disrupting the legacy status quo and bringing huge market turmoil in their wake. Industries are converging, and unfamiliar competitors are surfacing.

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U.S. Pay-TV Agrees to Reduce Set-Top Box Rental Burden

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Americans spend $20 billion a year to lease pay-TV boxes, or an average of $231 annually, the FCC says. Set-top box rental fees have jumped 185 percent since 1994, while the cost of TVs, computers and mobile phones have dropped by 90 percent.

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How SDN and NFV Lead Open Technology Transformation

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The traditional carrier networking equipment sector has been awaiting a major transition, as telecom service providers sought a way to free themselves from the constraints of proprietary platforms. Open source software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) hold the key to progress.

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