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Hybrid Multi-cloud: Why IT Coexistence Strategy Prevails

Hybrid Multi-cloud: Why IT Coexistence Strategy Prevails

For the full year, investments in cloud IT infrastructure will surpass spending on non-cloud infrastructure and reach $69.5 billion or 54.2 percent of the overall IT infrastructure spend. “The most effective ‘well-architected framework’ is open, to enable customer choice.”

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Public Cloud Evolves Beyond The Hyperscalers

Public Cloud Evolves Beyond The Hyperscalers

“In the next two to five years the widespread adoption of microservices, serverless computing, and containers will deliver public cloud speed and agility across private and industry-specific cloud environments, threatening hyperscalers’ dominance.”

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Open Digital Transformation: Industry Expertise Matters

Open Digital Transformation market research

Digital Business Transformation is at the center of new commercial growth strategies. Advances in IT technologies and associated accelerators are transforming whole industries and represent the largest driver of technology investment for the foreseeable future.

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Four Simple Steps to Create a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

open hybrid cloud strategy

Finding the best mix of on-premise and cloud solutions helps organizations deliver more value and innovate better through faster service provisioning, lower IT costs, and greater agility. Perhaps more important is the ability to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics.

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How Hybrid IT Fuels Demand for Open Cloud Management

Hybrid IT Open Cloud Management

Hybrid IT is the result of combining internal and external services — usually from a combination of on-promise data center and public cloud computing resources. But what are the perceived benefits of hybrid IT? What does the hybrid IT market look like today? Here’s recent research findings that offer answers to these questions.

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Public Cloud Service Revenue will Reach $113 Billion in 2018

Public Cloud Computing Services

The public cloud computing sector continues to thrive, as more enterprise CIOs seek sustainable ways to free themselves from the burden of updating the inflexible high-cost proprietary software platforms in their own data center.

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Why Your Organization Deserves a ‘Real’ Open Cloud Solution

Real Open Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing infrastructure assets are a key foundation for enabling strategic digital business transformation projects. It’s the essential platform that positively impacts all emerging areas of IT service design, development and consumption. It also provides the basis for many of today’s emerging big data, enterprise mobility and social commerce solutions.

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Utilities Consider Cloud as Their Dominant IT Platform Strategy

Utilities Hybrid Cloud Computing

A new IDC survey reveals that 74% of Utilities indicated that cloud computing is now their dominant, long-term IT platform strategy. But 63% of utilities indicate that ceding control to a cloud provider is a barrier to adoption.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service is Growing More than 50 Percent


The DRaaS market in the U.S. is expected to grow at a CAGR of 50.35 percent during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019. “The adoption of hybrid cloud DR services will eliminate the need for a secondary DR site, enhance traditional DR solutions, and enable delivery of DR solutions for remote offices.”

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IT User Group Predicts Cloud Adoption will Grow Rapidly

When asked what percentage of their cloud computing services would be private by 2016, the expectation for 40% or more of operations increased from 38% to 63% of respondents. In 2012, 18% of ODCA members believed their organizations would house 60% of their operations in private clouds by 2016. Since then, that number has doubled.

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