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Open Innovation Upside Potential for Telecom Services

Open Innovation Upside Potential for Telecom Services

A creative Open Innovation strategy promotes a mindset for collaboration that is counter to the ‘closed silo’ approach of most legacy organizations. That said, the benefits of increased openness are apparent. Open technology ecosystems have driven ongoing cooperation in the Global Networked Economy.

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Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT solutions are gaining momentum. Most savvy CIOs and CTOs already have plans to increase their applications for open-source software projects. While that software is an established component of on-premises enterprise data centers, the untapped opportunity is open IT hardware infrastructure.

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How Open Banking will Enable Disruptive New Services

How Open Banking will Enable Disruptive New Services

According to Juniper Research, the total number of Open Banking users — who share data via Open Banking APIs to access new services — will double between 2019 and 2021; reaching 40 million in 2021, that’s up from 18 million in 2019.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Business Model Innovation

Artificial Intelligence Software  Business Model Innovation

Annual AI software revenue will increase from $10.1 billion worldwide in 2018 to $126 billion in 2025. Hybrid solutions will account for 36% of global annual revenue in 2025, compared with cloud-based AI offerings (20%) and pre-built AI solutions (20%).

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Digital Growth 2020: Open Source Summit, North America

Digital Growth 2020: Open Source Summit, North America

Open Source Summit North America is a conference for software developers, architects, and other technologists to collaborate, share information, learn about the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions.

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Sharing Data and Expertise to Build Economic Resilience

Sharing Data and Expertise to Build Economic Resilience

“EMER²GENT brings together industry and talent to cooperate in ways that have never been witnessed before. These are unprecedented times. But we’re all in this together — We operate on three simple principles encompassing open data and open source culture.”


Fintech Open Source Prepares for a Post-Pandemic Upside

Fintech Open Source Prepares for a Post-Pandemic Upside

“Big tech has already, largely, mastered the Open Source way, using it as the backbone of much modern technology, making Foundations like the Linux Foundation or the Apache Software Foundation the largest shared technology investments in the world.”


Global Trend: The Rise of Open-Source Computing

Global Trend: The Rise of Open-Source Computing

“It has been a striking success. Open-source software runs more than half the world’s websites and, in the form of Android, more than 80% of its smartphones.”

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Open Infrastructure: Inclusive, Global, Adaptable IT

Open Infrastructure: Inclusive, Global, Adaptable IT

IT Infrastructure is hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, and manage services. Open Infrastructure is built from open-source technologies, available for all users to work with, to improve and contribute back.

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Organize for Innovation: Rethinking How We Work


In Organize for Innovation, Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst reflects on the technological, social, and economic forces impacting the ways we work.

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