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Open Digital Innovation: Seizing Policy Opportunities

Open Digital Innovation: Seizing Policy Opportunities

To an ever-increasing extent, open innovation is digital. Most innovations today are new products, processes or business models at least partly enabled by digital technologies or embodied in data and software.

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Global Blockchain Spending will Reach $12.4 Billion

Global Blockchain Spending will Reach $12.4 Billion

Fintech solutions that incorporate distributed ledger technology continue to gain momentum. Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to reach $2.9 billion in 2019 — that’s an increase of 88.7 percent from the $1.5 billion spent in 2018, according to the latest study by IDC.

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How Open IT Infrastructure Fuels Innovation and Growth

How Open IT Infrastructure Fuels Innovation and Growth

“The digital revolution has profoundly changed the way IT contributes to the value creation of many businesses. Companies and governments across the world are now moving towards innovative, IT-driven systems, only to discover that those systems rely more than ever on an agile and scalable IT infrastructure.”

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Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

Open IT Ecosystems Drive Better Innovation

“As digitalization progresses, a new trend towards openness has emerged, manifesting itself in topics such as open data, open innovation, and open API. Even the decades-long open-source movement is experiencing an incredible renaissance.”

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Independent Developers Fuel Open Source Projects

Independent Developers Fuel Open Source Projects

Fifty-five percent of surveyed developers are contributing to open source, but only 34 percent say their company gives them time to contribute to projects not related to work. Of this privileged group, 53 percent are allowed 1-5 hours a week on non-work open source software developments.

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Deep Learning Software Revenue Will Reach $67.2B

Deep Learning Software Revenue Will Reach $67.2B

Deep learning has been a key point of focus for many companies, given its potential to transform entire industries,” says principal analyst Keith Kirkpatrick. “Current leaders in the deep learning market include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Baidu, and others.”

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Mainframe in the Era of Digital Transformation

Mainframe in the Era of Digital Transformation

Businesses today have the opportunity to introduce a mix of digital engagement and commerce technologies to transform their organizational activities, processes, competencies and models. At the center of this, the mainframe remains a key player.