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Cloud Services Change Demand for Outsourcing

Cloud Services Change Demand for Outsourcing

The global sourcing market is expanding due to the growing demand for cloud-based as-a-service solutions and other digital transformation services, even as the number of billion-dollar deals continues to decline.

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How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

The global sourcing industry posted a decline in transactions. Large financial services firms, especially banks, are increasingly looking to expand their in-house IT teams and insource parts of their outsourced IT services portfolios.

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How Digital Transformation Drives Outsourcing Demand

How Digital Transformation Drives Outsourcing Demand

The largest 100 companies on the Forbes list have the highest outsourcing penetration, at 92 percent, but the greatest growth since 2015 has come from midmarket companies. Penetration is lowest among companies ranked between 1,501 and 2,000, at 32 percent.

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How IT Services Adapt to Ongoing Digital Transformation

How IT Services Adapt to Ongoing Digital Transformation

Most major management consulting firms still posted strong earnings in 2018, although growth rates cooled slightly: business consultants still extract more value in digital transformation. However, the market is now being driven by enterprise buyers who are executing their digital growth agenda.

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2018 Global Outsourcing Survey

2018 Global Outsourcing Survey Results

“93 percent of organizations are considering or adopting cloud solutions and 72 percent are considering or adopting RPA – 70 percent of respondents believe their service providers have a reasonable or advanced ability to implement disruptive solutions.”

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Global IT Outsourcing Market Driven by Digital Services

IT Outsourcing Market Driven by Digital Services

Digital services continued to dominate the outsourcing activity relative to pure traditional services, representing 61% of transactions compared to 39%, respectively. Automation was the most prevalent digital component employed by new or expanded GICs, with deployments in 52% of Q2 setups and expansions.

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Global IT Services Contract Value Declined in 2017

Global IT Services Contract Value Declined in 2017

IT services deals experienced a steep decline in 2017, both in terms of the number of deals and total contract value (TCV), compared to both 2016 and 2015. While the TCV witnessed a significant annual decline of 33.3% in 2017 to reach a value of $61.4 billion, the number of deals announced (4,099) saw a considerable decrease of 25.6% in 2017.

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