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Smartphone Shipments will Reach 1.53 Billion by 2021

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Worldwide smartphone shipments will rebound in 2017, according to the latest market study by IDC. While growth is expected to be consistent, IDC predicts shipment volumes to grow by 4.2 percent in 2017 and 4.4 percent in 2018 — with a CAGR of 3.8 percent over the 2016-2021 forecast period.

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How Cloud Computing Services have Disrupted PC Growth

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As more people around the globe discover that they don’t need a personal computer (PC) to participate in the Global Networked Economy, the market for smartphones and phablets has satisfied the demand for internet access and web browsing. This is now the pervasive trend worldwide.

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Lessons Learned from the Global Media Tablet Marketplace

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The worldwide media tablet market recorded lower shipments for the fourth straight quarter, with 48.7 million units shipped in 3Q15, according to the latest market study by IDC. Despite early signs of a slight improvement, shipments were actually down -12.6 percent year-over-year.

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New Smartphone and Phablet Demand Remains Bright in 2015

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Around the globe, demand for access to the mobile internet has positively remained consistent throughout last year. Following a typical year-to-year upward trajectory, the global smartphone and phablet market began 2015 with a boost, compared to the same quarter in 2014.

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How Phablet Adoption Impacts Mobile Media Consumption

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According to data released in January 2015 by J.P. Morgan, the average smartphone screen size worldwide rose to 5.1 inches last year, that’s up from 4.6 inches in 2013. As the larger screen becomes the norm, the phablet category could simply become the new smartphone category.

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Emerging Phablet Market with More Enterprise Use Cases

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According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, over 400 million phablets will ship in 2019 — that’s a five-fold increase over the 138 million devices estimated to be shipped in 2015.

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More Phablet Product Launches are a Highlight of CES 2015

Phablet devices activated worldwide during the week of Christmas accounted for 13% of total activations— that’s up by 225 percent year-over-year. Phablets especially took share away from full-size media tablets. Expect to see more product introductions at CES 2015 this week in Las Vegas.

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