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Poland is in Transition as Digital Tech Drives Economic Growth

Poland is an economy in transition, going from being efficiency-driven to innovation-driven, where the role of the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector is critical.

The value of the internet economy has doubled in the past six years, reaching PLN 93 billion (€22.5 billion), or 5.8% of GDP.

via World Economic Forum

The Surprise Leaders of Mobile Banking Adoption within Europe

Mobile banking is growing in Poland.  Nearly half of adult internet users in the country said they banked on a mobile device.  It’s the third-highest adoption of all the countries studied — trailing only Turkey (56%) the Netherlands (50%) and tying with Spain (48%).

Moreover, Poland’s adoption rate beat the European survey average by 10 percentage points.

via eMarketer

Pay-TV Revenue within Eastern Europe will Reach $7.3 Billion

In many markets across Western Europe, pay-TV services have already reached saturation. That’s why Eastern Europe is so attractive to video entertainment service providers. It’s a huge upside opportunity.

As Eastern Europe recovers from the recession, the number of digital TV homes will triple between 2010 and 2020 — that’s up from 41.0 million to 124.7 million.

via Digital Lifescapes