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Worldwide IT Security Spend will Reach $174.7 Billion

Worldwide IT Security Spend will Reach $174.7 Billion

Enterprise spending on IT security products and services has experienced new growth in 2020, as many organizations invest in solutions to meet the needs of a much larger remote workforce, and a wide range of online security threats that create additional requirements.

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Leading National Policies for Enabling Digital Growth

Leading National Policies for Enabling Digital Growth

“Governments must develop holistic national digital strategies across industry sectors to connect the unconnected. Portions of COVID-19 stimulus packages should be allocated toward the digitalization of education, healthcare and key industries.”

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Micro Business: How to Reboot Start-up Public Policy

Micro Business: How to Reboot Start-up Public Policy

“Governments now need to gather data and intelligence on these small firm closures and design a reinforced start-up policy to allow the small business sector to recover. But what kind of start-up policy?”

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Global Wireless Spectrum Policy Impacts Wi-Fi Innovation

Global Wireless Spectrum Policy Impacts Wi-Fi Innovation

Once the global regulatory landscape for 6 GHz is finalized, the technology will bring about much higher throughput, much more capacity, greater reliability, lower latency, and better QoS than ever before.

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Why the U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Decline is Unstoppable

Why the U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Decline is Unstoppable

U.S. multi-channel defections ballooned in the third quarter, amplified by tighter promotions at a time when consumers need little additional motivation to seek OTT alternatives, according to the latest market study by Kagan, a TMT research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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National Innovation Policy Thought Leadership Trends

National Innovation Policy Thought Leadership Trends

Government innovation policies have to be based upon, and directed towards improving, the performance and practices of the new industrial era. The way innovation occurs is changing – and so the indicators that measure it must respond to this new reality.

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Open Digital Innovation: Seizing Policy Opportunities

Open Digital Innovation: Seizing Policy Opportunities

To an ever-increasing extent, open innovation is digital. Most innovations today are new products, processes or business models at least partly enabled by digital technologies or embodied in data and software.

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New Economic Policy for American AI Innovation

New Economic Policy for American AI Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could create more economic opportunity than entire industries. But AI poses threats as well and U.S. political leaders seem unaware of potential consequences. Do we need an AI czar? asks James Heskett.

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How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

Unaffordable internet is a major contributor to the fact that half the world is unconnected. Lack of connectivity has major negative impacts on a country’s education, health, productivity and growth. Many countries, especially those in emerging economies, tax internet access at a very high level.

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Going Digital within the Global Networked Economy

Going Digital within the Global Networked Economy

Launched in January 2017, the OECD’s ‘Going Digital’ project aims to help policymakers better understand ongoing digital transformation and create policy environments that enable their economies and societies to prosper.

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