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Transmedia: Print Publishers Struggle with a Changing Market

Media companies used to enjoy a simple value proposition; with their two valuable assets – unique content and a loyal audience – they made money by delivering quality content to those audiences.

But this neat equation is being disrupted by a changing digital landscape marked by increasing complexity and cost.

This ever-changing transmedia landscape provides unprecedented opportunities to expand reach, and grow audience…

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Digital Device Penetration Rises in Affluent Households

Affluent Hard Copy Total Print Readership Largely Stable, Even as Digital Device Penetration Rises Sharply | Ipsos

According to a study by Ipsos MediaCT, affluent people continue to reaffirm the power of the hard copy print publications in their lives, even as tablet and smartphone penetration grows disproportionately in this demographic.

Affluent interest in mobile devices and digital media continues to grow.

The study found that 26% of Affluents personally own a tablet, and 47% live in a household with a tablet — figures that essentially tripled from 2011.

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Global Disruption of the Legacy Print Publishing Sector

According to the findings of several related market studies, the next big global disruption will occur in the traditional publishing sector. In the same way that the music recording industry lost control of their marketplace, the large legacy print media companies are equally vulnerable.

As an example, according to the latest market study by eMarketer, they predict that sales of ebooks and the devices on which people read them — i.e. ereaders, tablets and smartphones — are on a steady upward trajectory.

Much of the new digital publication revenue growth could come at the expense of print publications.

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The Future of Design and Emerging 3-D Printing Services

Fresh off $6.2 million in new funding for Shapeways, Peter Weijmarshausen spoke with GigaOM about where 3-D printing is going, how it parallels the software industry and how far the technology can take us into the future.

The New York start-up, a transplant from the Netherlands, operates both a 3-D printing service and an Etsy-like marketplace for creators.

It has now produced more than 1 million products to date and is the leading 3-D printing service available.

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