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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Global Internet Policy

Internet artificial intelligence market research

Artificial intelligence is dominating the R&D agenda of the leading Internet industry. The Silicon Valley and other startup hubs are buzzing about artificial intelligence and the issue has come at the top of policymakers’ agenda including the G20, the ITU, and the OECD.

Source: Internet Society

Data from Wearables will Transform Healthcare Policy

IOT fitness tracker market research

The gradual change in direction for fitness wearables to become essential healthcare devices will lead to over 75 million Americans using dedicated activity trackers by 2021 — that’s over double the current user base, according to the latest market study by Juniper Research.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Wireless Commons: More Public Spectrum for Internet Access

wireless commons economy market research

An extraordinary moment has arrived in the evolution of the internet. For all the transformation that has occurred over the 20+ years since the arrival of the World Wide Web and for the billions of people whose economic, civic and social circumstances have been improved, most people remain without internet connections.

Source: Internet Society

Internet Growth and Security in a Global Networked Economy

global networked economy market research

To discuss the future of the Internet and its risks, IT ministers from the G7 countries and the EU gathered for the first time in 20 years. The information and communications technology (ICT) summit in Takamatsu, Japan, was held against a background of major cyber-security dangers.

Source: World Economic Forum

Global Networked Economy – The Fragmented Landscape

global networked economy market research

In a World Economic Forum white paper published earlier this year, three leading experts, including Vinton Cerf, widely regarded as the “father of the internet”, map out the fragmentation landscape, concluding with a top 10 list of forces to be watched.

Source: World Economic Forum

Tri-Band Wi-Fi is Primed for the Next Wave of Market Growth

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Wi-Fi technology and associated telecom regulation continues to evolve to meet the growing demand. As the 2.4 gigahertz band became saturated in many dense urban markets, vendors and users switched to routers and access-points that utilized the 5 gigahertz band.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

The Business Case for Europe’s Single Digital Marketplace

Europe single digital market

European Companies need digitally competent workers and customers. Public administrations need digitally competent citizens. It is only when everybody can handle the digital invoice that the paper-based invoice can be abolished.”

via World Economic Forum

How the U.S. will Benefit from Europe’s Digital Single Market

Europe Digital Single Market

Setting aside the hurdles of the Digital Single Market outlined in the EU agenda, the largest real challenge is that 54% of e-commerce traffic in Europe is with services based in the U.S. — whereas only 4% of traffic in one EU country is for a service in another EU country.

via World Economic Forum

Digital Single Market for Europe – the Sixteen Strategic Initiatives

Digital Single Market for Europe

The aim of the Digital Single Market is to tear down regulatory walls and finally move from 28 national markets to a single one. A fully functional Digital Single Market could contribute €415 billion per year to the EU economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

via European Commission

Why Cyber Security Public Policy is a Global Community Issue

internet security public policy

Responding to twenty-first-century threats with twentieth-century tools is a bad idea. By 2020, two-thirds of the global population will be online. The world needs a fluid and frank dialogue among states, the private sector, and civil society in order to guarantee the security of cyberspace.

via World Economic Forum