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Customer Data Analytics Can Stimulate Digital Growth

Customer Data Analytics Can Stimulate Digital Growth

The use of near- and real-time analytics to collect CX data is a rising trend among growth companies, with 43 percent of product managers at growth companies using analytics to collect and analyze customer perception and sentiment data.

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How to Measure Real-Time Digital Marketing Campaigns

Real-time marketing (RTM) captured marketers’ attention in 2013. However, questions remain about where real-time techniques fit in a marketing plan — i.e. how much money brands should invest in it.

Measurement plays an important role in helping marketers understand the impact RTM will have on key metrics.

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Top Reasons Why Real-Time Marketing is Tough to Execute

Marketers are beginning to focus on real-time messages that respond to what consumers are doing “now.”  According to an April 2013 survey from DMA, 77% of marketers in North America said real-time personalization was a high priority.

But investment in the technology that will make real-time marketing more automated and responsive is still somewhat limited, indicating that marketers may struggle to execute their real-time plans.

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How Savvy Marketers are Using Real-Time Marketing

Creating timely responses to customer actions requires an understanding of how real-time marketing works, investment in the proper tools and technology, and integration of marketing across all channels.

The key is to then use data and analysis to deliver real-time messaging through automated technology — by pushing out ads, marketing collateral and other content to the appropriate channels.

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