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Demand for Industry Specific Cloud Computing Services

Exploring Cloud IT Infrastructure Investment Trends

Across the globe, cloud computing service applications are maturing and evolving as more C-level executives guide enterprise digital transformation strategies with their industry-specific business requirements. Moreover, the expectation is that cloud services will also comply with region-specific regulations.

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Internet of Things has Big Impact Across Healthcare Sector

internet of things healthcare market research

Despite regulatory and privacy constraints, organizations in the healthcare industry are exploring ways to put the Internet of Things (IoT) to work. Players include pharma manufacturers; hospitals and clinics; physicians and nurses; health insurers and numerous ICT companies.

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New Internet of Things Report Recommends Security Measures

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In a detailed report on the Internet of Things (IoT), the staff of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission recommend a series of steps that businesses can take to enhance and protect consumer privacy and security, as Americans start to reap the benefits from a growing world of Internet-connected devices.

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Car Telematics Subscribers to Reach 158.9 Million by 2020

Telematics is a broad term that may be applied to a wide range of connected services in the automotive industry. The basic definition of automobile telematics is an automatic system designed for passenger cars that incorporates some form of cellular communication. The drivers behind adoption of telematics systems among car manufacturers are both commercial and regulatory.

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Why You Should Expect to Pay More for Mobile Internet Access

“This shift in monthly data quota provides an opportunity for mobile operators to actually revise their pricing strategy,” said Lian Jye Su at ABI Research. This change is being reflected in an average increase of 11.31 percent in the monthly tariff in the top 20 markets.

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How Open is the Internet? – See an Interactive Global Map

The OpenNet Initiative has analysed government interference with the internet in 74 countries. The level of tampering in four categories is graded out of four in each country.

See the Interactive Global Map

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Cable Set-Top Boxes Maintain Pay-TV Walled Garden

A coalition of consumer electronics companies and public-interest groups say the cable industry has not demonstrated any progress towards a robust retail market for TV set-top boxes — and is instead trying to forestall commission action to create that open market.

“In fact, they confirm that after a decade and a half of product demonstrations and announcements, the mandate established by Congress in Section 629 remains unfulfilled,” said the groups, led by the Consumer Electronics Association, in a letter to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.

In addition to CEA, groups signing on to the letter included the Consumer Electronics Retailers Association, the Open Technology Initiative, Media Access Project and Public Knowledge.

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