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How Robotics and AI Improve Science Research

How Robotics and AI Improve Science Research

An intelligent robot that works independently 21.5 hours a day is helping scientists at the University of Liverpool with their research. Using artificial intelligence (AI), a flexible arm and a customized gripper, it could speed up scientific discovery and give researchers more time to think creatively.

via World Economic Forum

5G Apps: Healthcare Providers Protect Patient Data


“As the number of connected devices and networks grows, 5G will bring both benefits and challenges in terms of network and data security. This will make it essential for healthcare organizations to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities around the availability of and access to patients’ health data.”

via IDC

Major B2B Buyer’s Journey Ends in the C-Suite

Major B2B Buyer's Journey Ends in the C-Suite

“88 percent of CEOs at companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenues say they are more involved in major investment decisions than they were before — 63 percent of whom qualify their involvement as “far more” than in previous years.”

via Chief Executive

Rise of Local Suppliers in a Global Networked Economy

Rise of Local Suppliers in a Global Networked Economy

“Having reminded many companies of the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, both the pandemic and the trade war between the U.S. and China could lead companies towards a more domestic approach to production and sourcing, which might result in a sustained reduction of global trade.

via World Economic Forum

Why Expert Digital Talent, Not Technology, Drives Change

Why Expert Digital Talent, Not Technology, Drives Change

Digital transformation is less about technology and more about people. You can buy any technology, but your ability to adapt to a digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills, closing the gap between talent supply and demand.

via Harvard Business Review

B2B Marketing: How to Influence with Purposeful Narratives

B2B Marketing: How to Influence with Purposeful Narratives

“Companies that use thought leadership in their messaging effectively differentiate themselves in crowded markets – or with specific accounts – while maintaining a consistent story across form factors and channels.” – Discover how Purposeful Narratives will make your organization stand out from the competition.

via Forrester

Open Innovation: Why Shared Knowledge Matters

Open Innovation: Why Shared Knowledge Matters

Open research and sharing data and information openly will likely lead to the creation of a vaccine in record time which will save lives. If ever there was an example of the importance of open knowledge to the public, here it is.

via Open Knowledge Foundation

How Blockchain Helps Solve Supply and Demand Issues

How Blockchain Helps Solve Supply and Demand Issues

“Most importantly at this critical juncture of a global pandemic, blockchain technology can provide researchers with a strong and reliable data platform in the form of a shared ledger establishing an autonomous and decentralized peer-to-peer network.”

via GlobalData

How to Collaborate with Other Data Professionals

How to Collaborate with Other Data Professionals

“It takes the right combination of data science and technology expertise, business acumen and research prowess to make these projects successful. Asses how well people work together and learn how information teams can play a vital role in fostering more efficient teamwork.”

via Dow Jones

Digital Growth: 5 Organizational Restructuring Myths

Digital Growth: 5 Organizational Restructuring Myths

“Restructuring disrupts the entire organization. Workflows slow as employees adjust to shifts in reporting, management and goals. Changes disrupt communication and delay decision making. Despite these risks, business leaders often opt for organizational restructuring over more effective methods.”

via Gartner