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How Robotics-as-a-Service Expands the Applications

How Robotics-as-a-Service Expands the Applications

Overall, ABI Research estimates that the installed base for RaaS will grow from 4,442 units in 2016 to 1.3 million in 2026. The yearly revenue from RaaS providers is expected to increase from $217 million in 2016 to nearly $34 billion in 2026.

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How China is Driving Industrial IoT Application Growth

How China is Driving Industrial IoT Application Growth

Worldwide information and communications technology (ICT) spending — including new technologies — is expected to exceed $5.6 trillion in 2021 with growth accelerating through the end of the forecast period, according to the latest worldwide market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Robotic Collaboration with Humans in Timber Construction

Robotic Collaboration in Timber Construction

Digitalization has found its way into timber construction, with entire elements already being fabricated by computer-aided systems. The raw material is cut to size by the machines, but in most cases it still has to be manually assembled to create a plane frame.

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Engineering a More Responsible Digital Future

Engineering a More Responsible Digital Future

The world is being battered by technological disruption, as innovations such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain, 3D printing, and virtual reality change how societies and economies work.

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Collaborative Robotics Revenue will Reach $1.23 Billion

Collaborative Robotics Revenue will Reach $1.23 Billion

From 2016 to 2025, the global revenue of collaborative robotics shipments is set to reach a compound average growth rate of 49.8 percent — that’s compared to 12.1 percent for Industrial robots and 23.2 percent for commercial robotics.

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Human + Machine: 4 Predictions for the Future of Work


“In 2018, we must finally realize that it’s no longer a matter of human versus machine, but rather human and machine working in tandem to solve the world’s problems. It is humans who ultimately decide the next course of action.”

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Artificial Morality: How to Teach Robots Right from Wrong

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Producing a ‘good samaritan robot’ could mean finally defining what humans have failed to agree on for millennia – how to define morality. Based on our experiences in machine learning, we believe there are three ways to begin designing more ethically aligned machines.

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