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How Digital Marketing and SEO Impact B2B Sales Results

B2B SEO digital marketing research

B2B buyers strongly prefer to conduct their own online research, without ever speaking with a sales rep. Forward-thinking B2B marketers will embrace this change and enable the customer-directed research journey with self-service technologies — such as SEO and contextual help.

Source: Forrester

Google’s Digital Ad Revenue Reached $51.81 Billion in 2015

digital advertising market research

Net advertising revenues at Google reached $51.81 billion worldwide in 2015. That represents a more than 30% share of all worldwide digital ad revenues—far ahead of second-place Facebook, which garnered 9.6% of worldwide digital ad revenues last year.

Source: eMarketer

2015 Year in Search – What SEO Enables for Savvy Marketers

search engine optimization market research

Google’s annual “Year in Search” video and website remind us that people turn to Google in the moments that matter to them — from the profound to the mundane. More than 100 billion searches are conducted on Google each month.

Source: Think with Google

Why Savvy Retailers will Apply Digital Transformation in 2016

retailer digital transformation market research

Retailers are concentrating on a variety of digital transformation initiatives in 2016. Mobile, responsive web design and app development — as well as basic marketing activities, including search optimization and customer acquisition — are top on their project list for this year.

Source: eMarketer

Why Paid Search and SEO are a Focus of Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing search engine optimization

Though newer areas like programmatic buying and native advertising were more commonly expected to enjoy large budget increases in the coming year, marketers expected to put more new dollars toward search than display formats.

Source: eMarketer

How Digital Marketers Measure Blog Content Performance

blog search engine optimization SEO market research

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals consider social shares and unique visits the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for a piece of blog content. Engagement with a ‘call to action’ and backlinks were the other key KPIs.

Source: eMarketer

How U.S. Marketers Continue to Fund Digital Advertising Fraud


Fraudulent impressions, infringed content and malvertising cost the U.S. digital marketing, advertising, and media industry $8.2 billion annually. That money can be recouped if companies fix badly designed business processes and repair obvious flaws in the digital advertising supply chain.

Source: IAB & EY

Savvy Marketers in France Continue Shift to Digital Media

Digital Advertising in France

The economy in France may be relatively flat, but digital media adoption is thriving. As an example, according to recent research, digital ad spending in France reached €1.49 billion ($1.98 billion) net in the first half of this year — that’s a gain of 3.5% compared with H1 2014.

via eMarketer

Why Mobile Organic Search Trends Matter to U.S. Marketers

Mobile Organic Search

There will be 157.3 million U.S. mobile phone search users this year, that’s just under half of the total population. Next year, mobile search will reach 177.8 million mobile phone users, equating to nearly 55% of all consumers in the country.

via eMarketer

How the Mobile Channel Enables Location-Aware Online Marketing

Local Business Search via mobile

Nearly 40% of U.S. mobile device users have searched for local businesses via a mobile app in the past year, compared with three in 10 two years prior. But web browsers were the preferred way to search for local businesses.

via eMarketer