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Digital Trade: Global eCommerce and Online Payment Trends

Digital Trade: Global eCommerce and Online Payment Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and services, which have kept trade flowing even as movement has been restricted. This has highlighted the need to modernize trade rules and reverse the trend of digital protectionism.

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Global Networked Economy – the Digital Trade Gaps in 2016

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The connectivity of Globalization 1.0 occurred via ships and eventually railroads and motor vehicles. Today, these transportation systems are far more advanced – Globalization 2.0 is augmented by the Internet and its enhancement of global supply chains.

Source: World Economic Forum

Smart Trade: Revolutionizing the Legacy Trade Practices

Practices in modern cross-boundary/country trade have remained relatively static for the past 150 years. The only widespread implementation of technology to facilitate trade has been the advent of phone, fax, and since 2002 EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.

As global economies have matured, key “centers of excellence” have emerged worldwide.

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