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How Electric Vehicles will Redefine Geopolitics

How Electric Vehicles will Redefine Geopolitics

China and the EU have both signaled that they see electric vehicles as a strategic priority and a way to reduce their exposure to volatile oil markets. According to estimates from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, China and the EU will have the highest EV market share in 2028.

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Autonomous Vehicles and IoT Coming to More U.S. Cities

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Even if American drivers remain unsure about the latest advances – only 16 percent want to ride in a self-driving vehicle according to a University of Michigan study – car manufacturers are fully on board.

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Smart Machines: Designed and Built by Smart People

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Technology will continue to displace humans in job roles that can be automated. For certain, business and government leaders will have a choice — accept progress and prosper, or wait for the inevitable outcome of regression. Historically, while most of the Luddites eventually concede, it’s a complicated scenario.

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How the Autonomous Vehicle Market will Reach $0.7 Trillion


New study looks at the whole Autonomous Vehicles market in a balanced manner revealing how the electric vehicle business — valued at over $0.7 trillion in 2017 — will include many new autonomous transportation forms creating large businesses for both the vehicles and their components.

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Smart Electric Transportation Market Gains New Momentum

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ABI Research predicts an imminent rise in smart electric mobility. Their latest market data analysis lead to a forecast that global electric vehicle revenue will reach $58 billion in 2021 — that’s more than five times the market value in 2015.

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How New Telematics Services will Use Transportation Data

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Converged devices, such as media tablets, are driving the telematics market with global shipments forecast to reach more than 5 million units by 2020, according to an ABI Research study. Moreover, the introduction of these devices creates the emergence of new business model opportunities and more data applications.

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Why IoT Apps will Flourish in Commercial Vehicle Fleets

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During 2016, commercial vehicle applications of sensor technology will drive more use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT). As market demand grows, vendor merger and acquisition activity will continue, as a catalyst to combine the most compelling technology and services foundation for ongoing market development.

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More Emerging Market Apps for IoT and Fleet Management

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While much of the prior research about applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) tend to focus on the developed nations, we’re starting to see more interesting opportunities in emerging markets — particularly in the Asia-Pacific region and in Latin America.

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More Wireless Telematics Apps for Commercial Fleets in 2014

There will be more M2M and traditional mobile communications applications introduced for the first time within the American commercial vehicle sector. New adoption within the non-trucking sector is expected to equal the trucking industry — in terms of numbers of connected vehicles — by the end of 2014.

And, it will dominate the commercial fleet telematics industry by the end of 2019, accounting for almost 50 million vehicles globally.

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The Evolution of Commercial Vehicle Telematics Applications

Armed with today’s mobile and cloud-based technology, commercial vehicles like new trucks or vans no longer need expensive PC hardware, and the availability of consumer mobile devices with increasingly sophisticated capabilities means that smaller fleets are embracing commercial telematics.

Most commercial fleet operators in numerous industries around the globe are already using smartphones as service access devices to monitor their vehicles remotely.

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