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The Internet of Things Demands New Battery Technology

internet of things battery technology market research

As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, and more wireless device applications require smartphone tethering in order to function, there’s a key component that has the potential to severely limit progress — the rechargeable battery.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

When IoT Connected Device Revenue will Reach $74 Billion

smart wearable internet of things market research

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the potential for many new categories of connected devices. In the near term, smart wearables will likely be first to disrupt the consumer electronics landscape, as mind-share and eventually revenue shift from PCs and smartphones to these new devices.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Over-the-Top Voice App Services will Reach $10 Billion by 2020

over the top mobile voice apps

Over the Top (OTT) voice app service providers are expected to see an increase in their revenues by 2020, reaching over $10 billion and representing a five-fold increase during the next 5 years, according to the latest global market study by Juniper Research.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Mobile eCommerce Revenue is Growing Rapidly in China

China mobile internet ecommerce market research

Although China’s economy as a whole has suffered from a great deal of instability this year, its eCommerce sector is and will remain a major driver of economic growth, as internet penetration and smartphone ownership continue to increase.

Source: eMarketer

Most Millennials Block Ads, Other Groups Will Follow

ad-blockers digital media marketing trends

Ad blocking has been around for a long time, but digital advertisers and publishers are seeing it as an increasing problem. Research suggests that a solid majority of internet users ages 18 to 34 are now blocking ads when they view digital media content.

Source: eMarketer

Update: 191.4 Million Americans Now Own a Smartphone

facebook messenger smartphone app

The smartphone market in America has reached a pivotal point, now that most mobile network service providers removed phone subsidies and Apple offers unlocked iPhones directly to consumers (bypassing the U.S. wireless carriers). And, the ongoing use of Facebook Messenger app is negatively impacting the legacy SMS revenue stream.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Growth is Still Flat in the UK Mobile Communications Market

uk smartphone mobile internet

8.2 million mobile handsets were shipped in the UK during the second quarter 2015 — which is flat, compared to a year ago. Market growth was impacted by sluggish mobile network operator subsidies and saturated penetration. And, Samsung became the number one handset vendor with all four major UK operators during the quarter.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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