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How U.S. Mobile Payments will Reach $27.05 Billion in 2016

mobile proximity payments market research

After several years of false starts and delays, as well as new players entering the market, eMarketer expects the use of proximity mobile payments in the U.S. to ramp up aggressively. Transaction value will triple in 2016, due to a growing user base and broader merchant acceptance.

Source: eMarketer

How Retailers will Apply Local Proximity Marketing in 2016

retail beacon proximity market research

With 82% of shoppers making their actual purchasing decision in-aisle, it’s no wonder that vendors are betting on beacons and indoor positioning systems to help marketers interact with consumers in real time.

Source: Forrester

Why Emerging Nations in Asia will Drive Mobile Internet Growth


Global mobile phone shipments remained flat in 2015. The new emerging countries accounted for 14% of total worldwide handset volumes. Southwest Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines are leading growth, based on their huge populations and demand for 3G/4G phones.

Source: Strategy Analytics

How Mobile Banking will Lead Financial Services Innovation

mobile banking global market research

Mobile banking is a global phenomena. Brazilians rely on smartphone banking apps to check their account balances and activity. The majority are also paying their bills primarily via mobile apps. Two thirds of smartphone users in Brazil already have those banking apps.

Source: eMarketer

More Mobile Subscriptions than People on Planet Earth in 2015

mobile phone subscription market research

There are more mobile subscriptions than people living on planet Earth. The number stood at 7.3 billion at the end of September and will grow to 7.4 billion by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the world’s population will climb to 7.35 billion by the end of 2015, according to the United Nations.

Source: World Economic Forum

How Mobile Messaging Apps will Transform Communication

mobile messaging software market research

More than 1.4 billion people worldwide will use a mobile messaging app this year. Double-digit growth is forecast through 2018, as 2 billion mobile internet access users worldwide flock to smartphone messaging apps for low-cost texting solutions, plus voice calls and video chats.

Source: eMarketer

Why U.S. Smartphone Apps are Likely to Lead Mobile Disruption

smartphone mobile messaging app software

Mobile network service providers are concerned by the dominant position that Facebook and Google maintain on the majority of American smartphones. Why are they anxious? Instant messaging was the Trojan Horse software app that has enabled both companies to position their future expansion into traditional telecom service offerings, such as voice and video communication.

Source: Digital Lifescapes


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