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How Asia-Pacific Economy Gains from Mobile Internet Use

asia pacific internet market research

Mobile internet activity is a way of life for mobile users in Asia-Pacific, though a key gap remains between usage habits in the region’s more- and less-developed countries. According to ISOC, 90% of mobile device users in Asia-Pacific access the Internet every day through their mobile device.

Source: eMarketer

How Larger Smartphones are Driving Mobile Video Usage

American mobile video market research

Mobile network service providers in the United States are making adjustments to their offerings, to better accommodate the growing customer demand for streaming video. Meanwhile, many savvy smartphone users now reduce their cellular data service costs by connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

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Two Companies Monopolize Smartphone Apps in America

smartphone software apps market research

Smartphones are in the hands of just about every American who wants one. The most important piece of software, from a consumer’s perspective, is likely to be a web browser. Most of these devices have a small number of software apps installed, and few are actually used on a regular basis.

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How Smartphones and Phablets Compete with PC Spending

PC smartphone phablet market research

The decline in PC volume since early 2012 is expected to linger throughout 2016, with later years offering few opportunities to boost volumes as economic issues and other consumer electronic products sap the growth potential, according to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Smartphone Market Growth Reaches Turning Point in 2016

worldwide 2016 smartphone market research

In developed markets, people who want a smartphone have one. And, the majority don’t crave the new models. Demand for new devices still comes from the emerging markets that have yet to reach saturation. According to IDC, 2015 will therefore likely be the last year of double-digit growth.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Smartphone Adoption has Grown Rapidly in Germany

smartphone europe market research

Smartphones are increasingly the digital device of choice for many consumers in Germany. Smartphone penetration in the German market has risen sharply in recent years, and 74% of respondents polled in January 2016 said they now used a smartphone.

Source: eMarketer

Why More B2B Marketers will Embrace Mobile in 2016

B2B mobile marketing channel market research

B2B marketers have made advancements in mobile in the past three years, according to market research. In 2016, 79% of B2B marketers said they had a mobile-friendly site, that’s a significant increase compared to the 57% of survey respondents who had one in 2014.

Source: eMarketer


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