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Mobile Video Consumption is Driven by Better Smartphones

smartphone online video market research

Mobile video viewing is growing as a share of all digital video viewing. And the overall mobile share of online video starts continues to grow in large part due to the increase of smartphone viewing.

Source: eMarketer

How T-Mobile Totally Disrupted the U.S. Mobile Marketplace

US mobile service provider market research

Now all U.S. mobile service providers are improving their profit margins by steering customers to unsubsidized smartphone purchases, resulting in higher equipment revenue and lower subsidy expenses.

Source: TBR

Mobile-First Marketers in France Follow the Key Consumer Trends

mobile first marketing EU market research

For the first time, household penetration of mobile phones in France has exceeded that of fixed telephones — 92% of respondents to a recent study had at least one mobile phone in their home, compared with 89% who had a legacy wireline phone.

Source: eMarketer

Profiling the Growth of Always-Online Connected Americans

always-online smartphone market research

As smartphones have become more widespread, 21% of Americans now report that they go online throughout each and every day. Overall, 73% of Americans go online on a daily basis, 42% go online several times a day and 10% go online about once a day.

Source: Pew Research Center

Why Mobile-First Strategies are Still Very Difficult to Execute

mobile-first strategy development market research

Marketers understand the appeal of having a mobile-first strategy, not only because of the proliferation of smartphones, but also due to the growing time spent on these devices. And even though nearly half of marketers and IT executives have adopted a mobile-first environment, many still have not.

Source: eMarketer

High-Growth Mobile Messaging Market in Eastern Europe

mobile messaging app market research

Nearly 93 million people in Central and Eastern Europe will use mobile messaging apps at least monthly in 2015. That’s up 49.3% over 2014 usage levels—the highest growth rate of any region in the world.

Source: eMarketer

Why Smartphone App Abandon Rates are a Huge Problem

smartphone applications market research

Study data shows that 29.1% of apps downloaded by Android users were retained for at least a day, while 25.5% of apps downloaded to iOS devices were retained that long. At the end of 30 days, a tiny 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps still had active users.

Source: eMarketer


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