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Mobile Apps Now Create 54% of U.S. Digital Media Usage

mobile digital media trends US market research

Digital media time in the U.S. market has exploded recently – growing nearly 50 percent in the past two years, with more than three-fourths of that growth directly attributable to the mobile app. Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform.

Source: comScore

Advertising will Lead Mobile Video Revenue to Reach $12B

mobile video market research forecast

Strategy Analytics foresees that the total mobile video market value, including premium payment, advertising revenue and spending on data transport will grow from $7.4 Billion in 2015 to reach $12 Billion in 2021 — that’s a 5-year CAGR of 8%. Subscription is replacing download as the biggest premium payment generator, accounting for 86% of the total premium revenues by 2021.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Why Wearable Device App Use will Double in the UK Market

UK wearable device market research

Although UK adoption of wearables is fairly small, particularly due to the fact that the devices are somewhat new to the market, the use of health-related mobile apps to track exercise, food intake and activity is helping elevate this technology category.

Source: eMarketer

Growing Enterprise Mobility Spend will Reach $1.2 Trillion

enterprise mobility application development market research

Impatient CEOs are demanding more innovation from their business technology leaders, as the digital disruption that’s already unseating entrenched incumbents can cause real angst. Some have requested their CIO to move quickly and harness the smartphone device that’s in nearly every employee’s possession.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

The Internet of Things Demands New Battery Technology

internet of things battery technology market research

As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, and more wireless device applications require smartphone tethering in order to function, there’s a key component that has the potential to severely limit progress — the rechargeable battery.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

When IoT Connected Device Revenue will Reach $74 Billion

smart wearable internet of things market research

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the potential for many new categories of connected devices. In the near term, smart wearables will likely be first to disrupt the consumer electronics landscape, as mind-share and eventually revenue shift from PCs and smartphones to these new devices.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Over-the-Top Voice App Services will Reach $10 Billion by 2020

over the top mobile voice apps

Over the Top (OTT) voice app service providers are expected to see an increase in their revenues by 2020, reaching over $10 billion and representing a five-fold increase during the next 5 years, according to the latest global market study by Juniper Research.

Source: Digital Lifescapes


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