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B2B Digital Marketing Ongoing ROI Challenge

social media market research

Only 30% of respondents in a recent survey said social media had met or exceeded their ROI expectations for driving brand awareness, and just 24% said the same about social media’s ability to contribute to lead generation.

Source: eMarketer

Demand for Predictive Analytics in the Global Search Market

predictive analytics market research

Global market for search and content analytics will grow at a CAGR of over 22% between 2016 and 2020. The growth is accredited primarily to the increasing use of social media for content analytics. During 2015, the market was dominated by the Americas with a share of almost 52%.

Source: Technavio

Learning How to Navigate the Next Industrial Revolution

fourth industrial revolution market research

We are moving toward the fourth industrial revolution, in which mobile communications, social media and sensors are blurring the boundaries between people, the internet and the physical world.

Source: World Economic Forum

Publishing Best Practices of the Top Ranked Business Blogs

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The top 10 business blogs ranked are publishing nearly 8X as many blog posts as blogs ranked from 11–50. This is a huge difference in how often they publish blog posts. It’s interesting that both groups posted 6–7 times per day on Twitter and 2 times per day on Facebook, but the frequency with which they posted new content to their blogs was vastly different.

Source: Hubspot

How Social Media Players will Monetize Apps via eRetail Sales

Social Media eRetail Sales

Across the globe, eCommerce is about to enter the next phase of market development. This transition started back in 2013, when the value of mobile and online physical goods sales exceeded $1 trillion for the first time and last year exceeded $1.4 trillion.

via Digital Lifescapes

How Real-Time Marketing can Improve Customer Engagement

Real-Time Marketing

Marketers have embraced real-time marketing to reach a multitude of goals, and their efforts aren’t just limited to social media. Recent research finds that real-time marketers are funneling more of their budget toward such tactics, and they’re reaping the benefits.

via eMarketer

Dubious ROI Limits Social Media Use at U.S. Small Businesses

Small Business

Questioning the ROI, more than 40% of American small business owners surveyed said they didn’t use social media for business. This increased from 38% in the fall 2014 and the percentage in spring 2014 — during which use dropped 8 percentage points from September 2013.

via eMarketer