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Leading the Social Enterprise – Reinvent with a Human Focus

Leading the Social Enterprise - Reinvent with a Human Focus

Intensifying economic, social, and political issues are challenging organizations to reinvent themselves as social enterprises, engaging with stakeholders and cultivating performance in a human way.

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Dark Social: The Black Hole of Your Referral Traffic

dark social market research

The term Dark Social was coined by Alexis Madrigal of the Atlantic in 2012, who then said we’re only seeing – and measuring – the tip of the sharing iceberg. And he was right, of course. The private nature of these channels makes it near impossible for marketers to find out easily what the source of the traffic is.

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How to Reboot Globalization with Social Technologies

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Today, we have a proxy-based system where a person is represented in the U.N. via her nation-state. That has to change. Here, the international institutions need to learn from Facebook, WeChat, and Twitter to deploy technology and connect directly to the people.

Source: World Economic Forum

Social Networks Reach More Than 68% of Internet Users

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Approximately 2.34 billion people, or 32% of the global population and 68.3% of internet users, will access a social network regularly in 2016 — that’s up 9.2% from 2015. Greater access to the internet, particularly through mobile phones, will drive growth over the coming years

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Why Digital Marketers Look to LinkedIn for eCommerce Uplift

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Social commerce is nothing new, and social media sites continue to influence many eCommerce purchases, according to 2015 research. Purchases influenced by LinkedIn had the biggest average order value.

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Savvy Firms Improve Customer Sentiment via Digital Marketing

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More businesses are recognizing the benefits of leveraging the personal social networks used by their ‘recognized influencer’ employees, to increase the visibility and brand recognition of their organization.

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Social Network Usage will Surge in Southeast Asia

global social network market research

Southeast Asia has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users of anywhere in the world, according to eMarketer’s first-ever forecast for the region, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Source: eMarketer

Over-the-Top Telecom Services Market Reaches 21.6% CAGR

over the top telecom messaging services

In 2014, the OTT communication services market (VoIP, IP messaging and a share of social networking) will have surpassed 10 billion EUR. Growth is expected to continue and the global market value will reach 23.7 billion EUR by 2018, representing a CAGR of 21.6% from 2014 to 2018.


Why Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing is Still Challenging

Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing

There’s no doubt that advertisers are funneling money into digital, mobile and social (DMS) campaigns. However, recent research suggests that more than 70% of marketers are still struggling to deliver an audience across these online channels.

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How LinkedIn Enables Superior B2B Customer Engagement

LinkedIn B2B Customer Engagement

LinkedIn is the business-to-business (B2B) go-to place for product launches. Fully 64% of B2B marketing execs said LinkedIn was effective at engaging customers during the pre-sale stage of the buying cycle — vs. 47% for Twitter and just 17% for Facebook.

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