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South Korea Continues to Lead Mobile Social Net Penetration

South Korea Mobile Social Network

South Korea boasts the highest penetration of mobile phone social networkers as a percentage of the total population of any country in Asia-Pacific, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast of mobile social usage around the world.

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Explore the Latest Global Social Networking Trends from 2014

Pinterest (+97%) and Tumblr (+95%) recorded the biggest rises in active user numbers across 2014, while Instagram (+47%) and LinkedIn (+38%) experienced very healthy growth rates too. Facebook was the only big network to experience a drop in active usage in 2014 (of -9%).

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Why Savvy UK Marketers Use Content Syndication on LinkedIn

Social media topped the list of content marketing tactics used by content marketers in the UK in 2014. The most popular social platform — overtaking Twitter — was LinkedIn, with 96% of respondents using it to distribute content in 2014.

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Exposing the Myth of “Social Business” in the U.S. Workplace

Six in ten (61%) American workers who use the internet say email is “very important” for doing their job, and 54% say the same about the internet. Far fewer workers describe landline phones (35%) or cell phones and smartphones (24%) as “very important.” Just 4% say social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn are “very important” to their work.

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Why B2B Content Marketing Professionals like LinkedIn

In 2014, LinkedIn emerged as the top platform for professional content sharing. In 2015, this will be amplified. LinkedIn is making powerful strategic moves suggesting that it wants to be a noteworthy player in the marketing technology space — it bought Bizo, it launched posts, and it now has featured news.

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More UK Digital Advertising Revenue Goes to Social Nets

Social network ad spending in the UK is still on a strong upward trajectory, with eMarketer expecting 50.0 percent growth this year.  By the end of 2014, social networks will be home to 10.5 percent of all digital ad spending in the UK, and it’s expected to rise by 4.2 percentage points in the next two years.

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Why LinkedIn is Very Effective for B2B Marketers in the UK

Professional networking now has a place in the social networking world. Business-focused LinkedIn is close to becoming a majority activity among UK business professionals. A 2014 study found that 49% of business professionals in the country had a LinkedIn account.

Moreover, 69% of respondents took some sort of action after receiving professional content on LinkedIn.

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Why LinkedIn is the Go-To Place to Engage with B2B Buyers

A whopping 94 per cent of B2B brands maintain a regular presence on LinkedIn making it the most popular social channel in the B2B industry, according to a newly published Social Media Benchmarking Report 2014.

The professional social network has taken the crown from Twitter, which was named the most popular B2B social networking site in last year’s report.

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Mainstream American Small Businesses Unsure about Social

Hypergrowth small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are investing more in social media, and their investments are paying off — according to one market study.

However, Ad-ology Research suggested that mainstream U.S. small businesses didn’t plan to up social media marketing spending this year.

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The Results of Online Influence by Guest Blogging on LinkedIn

B2B marketers take note — an entrepreneur reveals how he generated leads and revenue with his LinkedIn blog and show how you can do the same.

You know what’s cooler than reaching 275 million people on LinkedIn? Reaching the right 275 people, with the right message.

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